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Default Storing boat in SW Florida

For the past 4 years I have towed my 19 ft Bayboat from WI. to FL. and back. Each way is 1450 miles. I don't use the boat much in WI. and I am considering leaving the boat permanently on a trailer in Port Charlotte. I have looked into indoor storage and way too expensive in my opinion. At least $150 per month probably more like $200. My thought is to stabilize the fuel tank, remove all cushions, electronics, propeller, etc. I would leave the boat on a trailer in the driveway of a house I rent for 2 months (March and April) when I use the boat heavily. I have a new cover which I would modify so the cover fits better and water would not collect on the cover. I would probably come to FL. in the early fall for a week's fishing and then put the boat away until my 2 month visit in March,Feb. I would allow my landlord who only comes for a week or 2 to use the boat as well in return for allowing me to store the boat. I would prefer it get some use vs sit.

Is this a reasonable idea, what should be my concerns and what precautions should I take that I might not be aware of?

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