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Default Optimax 4 Beep Alarm Question

My 2006 150 Optimax was giving me a 4 beep alarm only on start up for the last month or so. It would not beep again for an entire day of running, only on start up. This past weekend it not only did the 4 beep alarm on start up but it started doing it every two minutes all day long. I pulled the cowling and checked the oil level several times throughout the day and the tank on the engine was perfectly full and if I unscrewed the cap on the tank with the engine at idle it immediately started overflowing with oil so I know that the oil injection is working as designed. I started heading back to the marina and in addition to the 4 beep (that drove me crazy all day) I got a long continuous beep so I shut it down. I limped it in on my trolling motor just as a precaution. When I got the boat on the trailer I started messing around with it and was able to troubleshoot the oil tank problem. I created a jumper wire and used it to complete the circuit for the oil tank sending unit and no more beeps, so I know that the oil tank sending unit is the culprit. My question is if the oil tank sending unit is fubarred will it cause the long single beep telling the ECM that the oil tank is too low? The two things that cause a long single beep are low oil and overheating, my pisser had the normal steady stream it always has so I am pretty sure that the long beep is related to this crazy oil tank sensor. Anyone been down this road? I ordered a new oil tank reservoir and will replace it this week , I just didn't try running it with the jumper wire to see if that was also the culprit on my single continuous beep, but will run it next week after I replace the oil tank.
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I had a high temp alarm and my pee stream was pretty good. Changer out impeller (looked brand new) and was never an issue again.

You could have taken the old impeller, put it in a box and sold it as new... It looked just like the new one.

This may help you a little.

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