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Question NEW Yamaha Outboard - Best time of year to buy?

I will be purchasing a 60 or 70-hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard prior to April. Yamaha currently has a promotion for 6-years of warranty.

I am torn between taking advantage of the 6-year deal or waiting for boat show pricing.

So, Is the 6-yr warranty the better buy now or is the boat show pricing a better deal 3-months from now with 5 or 6-year warranty presumably offered then?

Also, Yamaha dealers in CT or RI are welcome to send me pricing information.


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A 6 year warranty starting in November is longer than a 5 year warranty starting in March. Prices don't go down.. I'm sure dealers would rather move a unit now before they're guaranteed to sit on it for 5 months.
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Same situation as I am in. Have whaler sitting on new trailer with no motor and redoing parts and re-rigging over the winter. Going to purchase motor in Feb during show. Over December plan to order controls and gauges along with other dash parts and will rig that and play around with that over holidays. Have no use for boat until April testing so no reason for me to rush. Plenty of other projects and things going on. Very much looking forward to owning F70 though.
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There are some low hour motors for sale in the Parts Forum with very attractive prices. Worth a look.
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When I bought my boat last August the dealer told me the slowest sales time is summer/fall (Florida) and highest Jan-March. Like cars they want to move out 2012 inventory to get 2013. More critical if they are in a floor plan. I got a super price because of that. For outboards I think it may still apply somewhat but more if there are changes to the model. I think you should get a better price now than at any "boat show" price next year.
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TO the OP - Would normally say, buy now, but something else to consider:
As of Jan. 1st - the motor will be registered as a 2013. The one year newer motor will benifit you later on re-sale and the cost will be the same for you now as it will be then. Motor pricing does not go up till July. I'd bet the farm, Yamaha will have a promotion in time for the Miami show, or at least to kick off spring for sure.
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Thanks for the replies!
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