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Default 2005 225HP Evinrude Ficht-Surges Above 3000 RPM

I repowered with a 225 HP Evinrude Ficht about 6 weeks ago. At low RPM below 3000 all is well,sort of. This motor is on a Chaparral 234 Fisherman. The motor came from a lake in North Texas and had 215 hours when I got it. When I get above 3000 RPM the motor sounds like it wants to speeds up momentarily then slows to 3000 RPM. Also, when the throttle is fully forward this problem is more noticable, but when I ease back on the throttle the motor smooths out but is not at full power. Idle is fine and slow cruising (1500-2000 RPM) is fine. All filters have been changed. The boat shop where I bought this motor set the computer to increase oiling because of the low hours. I pulled all the spark plugs and noticed the lower port spark plug was coated with oil and soot. The computer shows no problems.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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To start with, a Ficht engine has not got adjustable oiling, apart from initiating a new brake-in cycle.
First test the compression. Cylinder 5-6 (The bottom ones each side) has less compression than the rest. This is done on purpose.
Did you check the indexing when you refitted the plugs? Is the sooty plug dead?
A vacuum gauge and a bit of clear hose on the fuel intake side will show if there is a supply problem. Max 4"HG and no air bubbles. Use only 3/8" fuel lines and primer.
Check the exhaust back pressure fitting to the EMM. It is often clogged.
Last, you need to connect a laptop and test at high speed. A drop test can be done for both spark and injectors and will show up problems easily.
My guess is fuel supply.
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When you say surging... does it do more of a pull back then forward? Or jump forward and pull back? I know that's a strange question, but whether its accurate or not, I noticed between my friends boat would pull back then come back to life. His issue was ignition problems. My boat would jump forward then settle back, my issue was vac. Lines/ fuel.
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It is normal for all of the spark plugs to look like they are coated with soot.
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Default surging

Have the vst and the high pressure fuel pump cleaned.typical symptoms.
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Not that it makes any difference in the problems you're having, but if your 225HP motor is a 2005, I believe it would be an ETec and not a Ficht. I believe 2004 was the last year of 225HP Fichts.
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