trailerable and rough water

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23' seacraft. Some came with a diesel option.
26' albin/cape cod. Pricey but in my opinion the best trailerable battlewagon period!
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Originally Posted by Rascal1 View Post
"Sleep"?.....Fishing in 6' seas and 10' +/- on real nasty days (6' is not "Nasty")?
Bring a "Puke" (lrg) bag.

I'll buy my fish at the market that day.

Thank you Jesus for Florida!

Not sleeping in those seas, sleeping at other islands(exploring/better grounds).

You are lucky not to fish Hawaii, sounds like you wouldn't last long
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Not many people understand Hawaiian waters. The trades make for some really nasty short chop that will test almost any hull under 70 feet. The solution is more deadrise and more hull length. I started out with Parker 25, then a Stamas 29, followed by a Jupiter 31 and I now have a Venture 34. The Venture has 24 degrees of deadrise, a long sharp entry and enough hull height not to spear waves. The only cat I would consider is a Glacier Bay 26. The factory delivered two of them on their own bottom from Oahu to Midway, a run I'd hesitate to make in the Venture.

Find a high deadrise hull, like a Regulator, Venture, Yellowfin, Contender etc. and you'll be happy. No less than 30 feet and no Force or GlasPaly, please. You'll probably have to go to the Gulf coast or Florida to get it, because even people who live in Hawaii keep bringing in boats that don't work

Which Island are you on?
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Trailerable Battlewagon
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Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
26 foot Glacier Bay variants are very trailerable, reasonably priced, and probably some of the very best rough water boats in that size range, assuming you don't need to doing over 30kts.

A large cat is the way to go...
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I have seen pictures of some pretty big 30 plus foot boats that THT'rs have posted over the years. Not my cup of tea to tow, launch and retrieve these monsters -- but it can be done.
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The caution with the 26' Glacier Bay is have someone who owns it show you how to run it so you don't stuff it into a wave. The twin Vee might fall apart and sink.
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Originally Posted by Capt. Scott Crown View Post
I think I'm in love
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Another one
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Carolina Classic 25
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A 20 anything ft boat in a REAL 10' sea huh...?...

lol Gotcha
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any submarine will do ............ colombians make some small ones that might be trailerable
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10' ocean swells are no problem at all. 10' wind waves =
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[QUOTE= The twin Vee might fall apart and sink.[/QUOTE]

cmon man We just check it every time we put it on the trailer With that said have broken the windshield twice and have it at with tommy the glass doctor for its second check up. Haven't had to wait on a heli yet (where is the wood). Do wish we had gone with the Glacier Bay but living with what we have. Really is too bad as the design seems to work very well.
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Just adding a couple to the list. Both very easy to trailer.

The new 32 Jupiter

The C310 Pursuit.
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That new Jupiter is a beast.

One thing that might be importan is whats your budget? That jupiter 32 is an exspensive boat.
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BW 255 Conquest with twin 150s. I owned a 2002. I still miss it. Fast, Durable and got me home 25 - 30 miles offshore. I own a Pursuit OS315 which I love but I will never forget the my feeling of beating through 4-6s and not even feeling a bit of fear. Trailering is tough only because she had some weight when fueled etc.. Look at the web site.
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You won't find a better boat for those conditions than a Radon. There's a huge reason most Hawaiian Harbor Patrol - Fire / Rescue / Lifegaurd boats are built by Don Radon. The modified hull deisgn allows for a stable ride in heading and FOLLOWING SEAS....with a short period, which is the dominant condition in the Santa Barbara area (where they are built) and in Hawaii. Also the high end materials and tough construction of a DR Radon is second to none.

They aren't the cheapest but you get what you pay for...and you'll make it home in those rough conditions which is priceless. There are some guys on the islands building Radon style boats but there's nothing like the original Don Radon.

check out their website for more info -

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Get a cape horn 31 and thank me later. She'll put these other boats to shame.
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