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Default Help for my first Cat - Nautico, SeaCat, or SportCat

Just moved to Miami (Key Biscayne) and I'm selling my 18' bay boat, looking for a power catamaran and could use some guidance. Here's my goals:
Family of 4, young kids
Boat for cruising, exploring, diving, spearing, and some fishing
Possibly trips to/around the Keys, maybe Bimini
Towing with a 2009 Honda Pilot (for now), 4500lb rating which I know is light for all of these boats. Have access to a F250 for movement.

Current Options:
1. 20' - 1999 Nautico by Seagull, Model "Super Cat 1911", walkaround with Hardtop, with 2005 Twin Yamaha 90HP 4-strokes, Listed at $17,900

2. 25' - 1995 Sea Cat SL5 Cuddy, with 2004/5 Twin Suzuki 140HP 4-strockes, Listed at $18,500

3. 25' - 1999 SportCat WAC, with Twin 150 Mercury XL (not sure yr, prob 1999), Listed at $19,900

Any help is very appreciated as this is my first Cat!!
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#3. You will love the cat .
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The pilot will really get dogged with either the seacat or the sportcat....the nautico sounds like the ticket....should fly with the 90's....
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I just sold a 9 year old Honda Pilot--pulled up to 4500 lbs, but that was more than I wanted to--and currently have a boat below 4500 lbs, and went to a Yukon XL, with 4 X 4. Based on this I would go with the 20 footer.

The Suzuki 140's are closer to the 115s than the 150's (I have a 140 Suzuki on a Caracal (same as Carolina Cat) currently.

However, with that size family, I would want to have a 25 foot cat--there will be considerably more room, and a better ride. You can use the Honda to launch that boat and short trips--if you can reliably get the 250 for traveling, then go with the Sea Cat SL5. It would be better with 150's, but still will perform well enough with the 140's and you will use less fuel.
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If your referring to a Nautico cuddy cabin, I would scratch it off your list. The Nautico CC is good, but the cuddy was an abortion. The cuddy takes up all the room and puts way too much weight up front and in anything over a 2' chop, it will feel more like a semi submersible.

The SL5 would be a great boat and a tank....but a bit much for the Pilot to pull more than a few blocks back and forth to a ramp.
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Check out mine for sale.....
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Go with the seacat, those engines are solid, not the fastest but solid.
Get as much boat as you can..
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I have a '96 SeaCat SL1 with twin Honda 90s. I would go with #2 mainly because of the 4 stroke outboards and the larger hull. The 20' might be easier to trailer but will still be a load for your Pilot. The newer SportCat isn't bad but the hulls are not as nice as the older SeaCats and the 2 stroke outboards are going to be loud and not as fuel efficient.

Tale a sea trial on the SeaCat and make sure that it does well with those engines. I would think that it should do very well though as I have a friend with a World Cat 266 that runs Honda 130 and it does great. The 266 is the descendant of the SL5 World Cat -- pretty much the same hull.

The SeaCats had glass encapsulated wood in the hulls which are generally good but I would consider a survey. I would also get the OBs checked out by a mechanic.
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