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Default 2003 Yamaha 250 HPDI

Anybody out there have one of these? I am looking at a boat that has this power and don't know much about the 250's. I had a pair of 08' 200 HPDI's and other than that goo in the high pressure filter, they were good engines. This is a 2003 with 250+/- hours. Wasn't there some kind of fuel pump issue? I understand it could be fixed. I know the 300 HPDI's were shit. Anybody out there have any first hand knowledge of this motor? Good or bad.Thanks-Joe
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Run Forest, run.

Blew one before and one AFTER the updates were done.
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blew 3 heads in 300 hours.
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I have a pair of 2003 HPDI 250's and I write on here pretty often about the HPDI's and DIY stuff to keep them running well. Everything from the DIY--low pressure filters, VST, and the tiny filters on the High Pressure pumps. I have about 1,000 hours on mine and they run flawlessly. The key has been an aggressive maintenance schedule. I replace all of my filters twice as often as recommended. Once you learn to do them yourself, you realize that you are not only saving $100's in mechanic bills, but extending the life of the motors. You are also making it safer for yourself to take extended trips offshore. I go to the Bahamas, the keys, and Dry Tortugas pretty regularly. I have never had an issue. Unlike the 200HPDI's, the bigger block HPDI's (250-300) have a very bad reputation and rightfully so. The average boater does not know how to turn a wrench, and certainly does not want to. The majority of all the problems have very simple solutions--------THEY REQUIRE VERY CLEAN FUEL!!!!! Because the motors have a very bad reputation, you have a very good weapon for negotiating a good deal on them. But make sure they have all the updates from Yamaha, and do a full compression check and inspection of them.

I see it this way, you have a choice: You can run away from these motors and follow the hype; or you can pick one up for dirt cheap, add a 2 micron water separator, run non-ethanol fuel, and replace your filters aggressively and they will run as long as mine and hopefully longer.
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Damn - I am going to look at a boat that has a 2003 HPDI 250 on it. Was really hoping to hear something positive here. The powerheads were replaced 300 hours ago on this particular unit. According to the owner it was done on Yamaha's dime.

I have asked for the service record from that episode so I will see what he says...

Anyone have a better experience AFTER the recommended Yamaha services? Or am I SOL on this beast...?
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