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Default Charts

Looking to find an older style chart of the great south bay to frame for a christmas gift. Anyone have a good place to look?
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How old of a chart? Are you looking for just a regular old paper NOAA chart?
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For something a little different and maybe personalized you can try

He seems to have a pretty good inventory of charts and may have an older. Nice guy too.
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Here's a link to a place that prints and sells NOAA Historic Charts:

They don't have Great South Bay listed, but maybe if you give them a call they can help you out.
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Modern NOAA chart # 12352 and supposedly printable:
(from here: )

Or check here for printed modern charts:

It looks like these are mostly Brookhaven historicals. Maybe you could figure a way to print one large scale? :

1829 -



The whole list for that site:
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Thanks guys going to give these links a shot.
Wharfrat as for how old i'm thinking early 1900's if your familiar with the area our inlet was dramatically different back then.
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