Sportfish 42-48' need some input

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Default Sportfish 42-48' need some input

So, im thinking about looking around. I love my current boat, but I'm hankering for a second stateroom, as we are using the boat more and more as a family. I'm looking at the 42 Henriques, but I haven't seen the size of the bunk room. I love that 50 Henriques (Hammerhead) but the price is stupid. Sadly, most of the choices in the size range I'm looking for are cabos (small cockpit, high price) Vikings (I dont like MAN engines) Oceans (like driving a Buick) or something custom. I'd love to be under $375, but I'd go higher for certain boats.


2 staterooms, 1 or 2 heads
140+ sq. ft. Cockpit
Cat,cummins,yanmar, maybe detroits
25 kt cruise
Good rod storage

What I have been looking at so far

42, 50 Henriques
47 Viking
46 Merritt
43 Jannace
47, 48 Riviera

Ps. 46 black pearl is on the radar as well.


Also, here is post 1 on THT

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I know its not on your list but how about a 1990's era bertram 43,46 or 50, those were some pretty solid boats that could be had for a decent price.

Good luck with your search

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This time last year I was in your shoes having sold our 32 express. I looked at them all, thinking Viking 47 was going to be the boat. Every one I looked at had either been re-painted (due to gel coat issues) or was in need of painting. Looked at the 46 ocean, like you mentioned, a Buick, not a bad boat by any stretch, just a price point boat. Then we looked at Cabo, you are correct in the price point, let me say you do get what you pay for! We settled on a Cat powered 40FB. You are correct about the small cockpit, however, ride, fit and finish, quality and living space are heads and tails better then any boat in its class. Have fun with your search! or
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You may be able to find a nice Ricky in that price range with some remodeling already taken care of
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The only other boats that come to mind are the 43' Tiara Flybridge, which will have CAT 3196 or C12's in it depending upon year; and the 50' Hatteras Convertible, which the 2000 & up models have CAT 3412's (1,400 hp each) - been on one and it cruised at 32+ kts, had 3 staterooms + 2 heads and a huge cockpit. I have seen the earlier 2000 & 2001 boats sell for the top end of your price range to a few dollars more. If you don't need that kind of speed, the 1998 & 1999 (and some of the 2000 as well) boats came with CAT 3406 (800 hp) or 3408's (1100 hp), which will cut cruise speeds down to about 25 & 29 kts respectively.
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46' or 50' Post
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I second looking at a Post. Been running a buddies 53' 2007 for him the last couple years powered with Cat's. Beautiful boat inside and out, 3 staterooms, 2 heads, engine room lay out is great for performing service. The ride of the boat in all the usual sea conditions has been great also.
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Default Everyone has an opinion. Here is my experence

I have been the captain of a 42 Henriques express since she came out of the mold January of 2007. I have put over 1100 hrs. and 15,000 nms on her in that time and here is my experence .
This is one of the best handleing boats on the water. She goes where you want when you want with no fuss. Head, following, beam or quartering all on auto pilot if you wish. The 42 inspires confidence in the helmsman. she drifts well too, very comfortable.
The cockpit is bigger than most boats up to 10 ft. longer, with two large fishboxes under the deck. Ours has 800 hp MAN's as many of the 42's do but there boats with Cats and Yanmars Cummins and John Deer power. Speeds will vary but all should give at least 25 kt. cruise. With MAN's 25kts. is the lower cruise 32 kts the high. WOT 35/36 kts.
The express has one large open room below. The flybridge has two staterooms. The second is a bunk room with plenty of room,.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
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I think Post is an under appreciated brand also. The Post 42 or 46 rides drier by far than the V48. The newer 42 with Volvos or 47's warrant a look. Unfortuantely, most of the newer 50's have the big Mans. The Mans would scare me because of labor and parts cost and availability of service.

Cat 3406 is probably my first choice for 46-50', with Cummins 6c being my choice for 42-46'. 3196's might be the worst, followed by MTU series 60, high HP 6-92's, and ANYTHING else that has been overpropped or not maintained.

I would look at 6-92's<550HP. The only problem here is you might not be able to run 25 on the bigger boats and maintenance is tight with these on smaller boats.
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Few thoughts:

1- Remember that like some of the Viking models the Post boats also had a gel issue.
2-You are on the mark with the MAN, they are nice motors, but spending roughly $17k every 2 years or 1000 hours to service a perfectly good running motor is a bit sharp for any pocket
3-The older Bertrams, mentioned in another post, are great boats and some of my favorites, but be aware that many of them were built with the gen under the cockpit deck and no fishboxes in the deck.
4-I think that the 48 Ocean deserves a good look as it rides well, many are 3 cabin 2 head boats, CAT powered, and a late 90's model can run just North of $200k. I would be cautious of the 3176 CAT preferring the 3196 instead
5-Carolina and Merritt boats are going to sacrifice some interior space and require a touch more care then a satndard fiberglass boat in my opinion.

Just my opinion. Good luck with the search.
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Post has terrible resale. Deserved or not, that's how it is. I hesitate to call any of them investments, but the Merritt is as close as you will get to making a good investment. And hands down it's the best boat in the group you identified.
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Never heard of a gel coat issue, or any structural issue on a Post. They certainly have a repuation of being simple and solid.

If you do not like the 1000 hour maintenance cost on the Man's, God help you if something breaks or you need a rebuild! I firmly believe you should never buy an engine you cannot afford to rebuild.

3196 is also no good. Google 3196 class action law suit. By most accounts, the coolers were never really fixed.

Bertrams are good boats with a great ride, but the deep V makes the hull efficiency pretty poor. They are also quite wet when it is blowing.

Resale value is what you pay for it minus what you sell it for, so the older Posts do as well as any other. On the newer and bigger ones, the Posts are definitely not as popular with the tournament crowd. The flatter bottoms just do not yield the speeds they want in a seaway. On the other hand, if you are OK with running slower when it is really rough they are much less expensive to buy, maintain, and run.
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Thanks for the input guys. I don't know what it is, but there just seems to be a void in what I am looking for in a boat 42-48'. I am strongly considering the 42 Henriques, The vikings are slipping due to the MANs and the available late model boats in my range.

I still keep looking at the Jannace 430, but I just don't know about warranty issues. Also, I hear the Genset is in the lazzarette, which makes for crappy service.

I don't like the lines on the Post, but they are a lot of boat for the $$$.

Im going to take a deeper look at the Oceans.

The Merritt, well, its beautiful, but I hesitate on the upkeep and the older systems. If I could wrap my mind around buying an older boat, I would look at an old Striker and redo that Gem.

Anyone know anything about this boat??? Seems like a 1 off... Its interesting, but I'm skidish....
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I have owned many and fished on all production brands and many customs. Don't overlook Ocean. For the price, its great. Resale is excellent as a percentage of acquisition cost, whther new or used. Same equipment and hardware as pricier brands, later models generally run great, and have by far the best layouts, inside and out. The biggest issue I found was poor accessability for maintenance.
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43' Egg Harbor
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You left out the best boat ever made...Hatteras
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Fine boats,but 42-48 in a later model isn't available. Older models are a bit heavy, and thirsty.

Does anyone know about that 50' Henriques "hammerhead" and why it's so bat shit expensive?
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The last Buddy Davis you posted is BEAUTIFUL!
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"Ps. 46 black pearl is on the radar as well."

If you are interested in a Black Pearl, please feel free to PM or e-mail me. I will be happy to not only answer any questions that you might have but also put you in touch with the boat builder. I am very happy with mine, the build quality is great and so is factory support.

When you mentioned a Striker you reminded me that about 3 years ago I was in Hawaii and saw a good-looking old Striker that had crossed over from California on its own bottom (at trolling speed, of course). Very impressive.

David Pascoe's site ( ) and books make lots of good points on what to look for when selecting a used boat. I know that you are very knowledgeable but you may still want to remind yourself of a few of those tips.

Enjoy your search, should be fun!
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