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Default Reusing Shrink Wrap

How many times have you used your shrink wrap from the previous year(s)? This is the first time I've done it and it is not a one person job. I have a 31' Chaparral 310 Signature. I had a friend help with securing the 2x3's and lines to support the shrink wrap but what we didn't except was the 30 to 40 mph winds we had. Lucky for us, the wind came toward the bow and that helped to get the shrink wrap to the back of the boat. I did take pictures when we took off the shrink wrap last spring and used that information to place the 2x3's and lines in the same place. I plan to use it again next year but was curious to see how many times you have reused it. After we were finished securing the shrink wrap, it looked great.
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You can't reuse shrink-wrap successfully more than the first season it is applied. You will get spots you can't properly tighten, which will trap snow and water/ice. Once it traps it, it will get very heavy, you will get tears and the like. Once you get tears, it will only spread, and ruin the shrink wrap, making it effectively useless. If you can't afford paying someone to wrap it, you can buy your own supplies and do it yourself, BUT, I guarantee it will not last the season.

Your options are one of the following 3. 1, blue tarp. Cheap, will last 1-2 seasons if you properly secure it, but will tear, it is hard to secure, and it quite frankly will look like garbage. 2, shrink wrap. Fairly cheap, looks excellent, when properly done won't tear, rip, fail, collect snow, or do any damage to your boat. 3, Custom Canvas Cover. VERY expensive. Bulky and "bothersome" to store and keep dry, clean, etc. Will last 10-12 seasons, and costs ABOUT 10x as much as Shrink Wrap.
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If you have built a good structure and wrap it properly it can go multiple years. I have a friend at our yacht club that bought my old boat I wrapped when I had it. I had 6 years on the cover and he now has 6 more. That's 12 years. This is an extreme example but the wrap is always taken off carefully and stored in a clean dry area. He really should have replaced it this year but ended up doing some repairs and should make the season. We are located on the Great Lakes and store right off shore of Lake Michigan. We exprience alot of high winds and heavy snow. Again - It has to be done with a really good structure and store carefully. Most our members get about 5 to 7 years. We do our own shrink wrap and have gotten pretty good at it.

Good Luck
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I bought a transhield cover,they advertise that it can be reused for two seasons. Google them.
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I reused the shrink wrap for 6 years on my 28 ft. Carver Mariner (with flybridge) and 5 years on my 30 ft. Mainship Pilot. I use a 2 X 4 center pole with 3 or 4 additional vertical supports on the cabin top and bow. Tie them together with a ridge board of 2 X 3's bolted together, then use tie down straps or nylon or cotton line from the ridge boards to side of the boat to create a tent-like frame. I've found it easier to pull the full cover over the boat, lift the center pole to have room to move around, then build the frame. Finish it all off by tying the bottom under the boat to the other side. Don't tie to the stands. Eventually, holes will appear, but I've never experienced them spreading. Buy a roll of shrinkwrap tape and patch any rolls and cuts. Check after the first heavy rain or light snow and re-tighten straps or add support to prevent pooling of water and snow.
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I added a picture of the shrink wrap just after we secured and taped all the areas. Others here in northern MD have done it with success so I don't think I'll have any issues. All the supports are in the same location as last year.
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I think that is what I use (the marina supplied it) for my 246. It's made it through 4 winters so far. (Transhield).
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When you reuse shrink wrap, you will not get as good of a job, as you do the first year, you have it wrapped. It is not possible!

Have you every tried to put a Christmas present back in the box? It never fits the same as when the factory does it.

If you are going to do it, I do have a couple of suggestions.

You need to use the same supports as the first time, and in the same place. That is very important.

The "frame" under the shrink wrap is very important. Not just the 2x4's that are used but the strapping. Extra strapping can not hurt.

The band around the hull must be tighten back up. The tighter the better.

Do not forget to put straps under the hull from side to side, pull them tight. I like one for every ten feet of boat. (If the band around the hull is not tight, there is no way to get these straps tight!)

The two problems with useing blue tarps, are flappiing around scratching your gel coat, and water/ice/snow pooling on the cover. The same things will happen to reused shrinkwrap that is not tight.
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