WOW!! Walmart against us?

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Default WOW!! Walmart against us?

I guess my family will no longer shop at Wally World.
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Ok, to make up for you not shopping there I will double up on my purchases.
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Wally mart has had a profound effect of the American marketplace...some good...alot not so good....supporting the huggers won't help me go back to shopping there....
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Originally Posted by jethro1 View Post
Ok, to make up for you not shopping there I will double up on my purchases.
Gonna have to buy triple then.. China-mart can kiss my shiny metal ass.
Their donations hardly make up for the environmental damage their chinese suppliers do.
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quad that, never shop there and never will
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I have been to a walmart maybe 3 times in the past 15 years. Somehow, I manage to get by...
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Everything, and I do mean everything, from the fan that broke 6 months after I bought it to the bicycles that ride like crap to the bread that goes moldy faster, everything sucks from walmart. Its cheaper in the end to pay $2 or $3 more dollars a visit to go to Publix for groceries that wont go bad overnight (and get a checkout line opened when there are more than 2 people in a line). Plus the stuff from Target is better quality and just as cheap too.
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Never, ever, make the mistake that Walmart is interested in the welfare of anything but itself.

That's the culture. Always has been.

If they are supporting enviro groups on this, it may be expecting relief on some other front. Maybe pollution from plants in china, or some other transgression they need a little quid pro quo for. Just saying.

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I Re-Posted this ... They are eating it up ;-)
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Walmart supports Catch Shares because they want to be able to sell them. Jsut like the sell Hunting and Fishing licenses they will sell catch share tags and this will add to their profits. They support this because they feel it will help their bottom line. I will never shop at a Walmart again!
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make sure you look into your current stores political leanings also...hate to see you spending money unknowingly as a form of protest at a place that does the same....
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they got thier bases covered- keep making profit on marine products meanwhile funding such initiatives.

whatever, i just wish they'd replace those crappy shopping carts and open an extra check-out line.
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Walmart is a big part of our economy, but I'd like to see someone quantify the effect they have had on jobs. To keep prices low they dictate to their vendors what they will pay for products. For vendors to meet that price they often have to cheapen their costs and that can lead to jobs leaving the US and going overseas. That may be a simplistic summary, but I have friends who work for vendors of Walmart and have seen this first hand. No one else buys the quantity that Walmart does so vendors have to listen. Many Walmart shoppers complain of jobs leaving the US but don't realize Walmart is part of that problem.
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I love walmart. I shop there every chance I get.
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Can't stand Walmart or the cheep crap the sell. Next time you have shopped around for an item and think Walmarts got everyone beat look on the box and if it says (made especially for walmart) which it probably will, it mean it not the same product on every one elses shelves. A Dewalt rep told me this a long time ago and said never buy Dewalt products there because even though the tools would be marked and look the same as other places they were made cheeper to hit Walmarts price points.
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You might as well send your cash to China in a box if you shop there.
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I wondered why their fishing aisle was getting smaller and smaller.

As mentioned before, I find that Target is a much nicer place to shop and their prices are very close or lower than Walmart in some cases.

I do most of my shopping at Costco now as per unit price is usually lower than Walmart. I just share the excessive amounts with my GF and my son.
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I prefer to do business with locally owned family businesses when possible.
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I worked for a company for 29 years and we employed around 1,000 to 1500 workers,we sold over 3 million pairs of shoes to walmart made in Florida every single year ,year after year.when they found a Chinese source to sell them the same type of product for about 10 to 15 cents less,they left and bought all from China leaving all those workers without a job,2 years later we had to close down.They are only interested in profits and have no regards for the "American Workers",I have been to plants in China were Walmart goods are being made and have seen first hand how those workers are treated by the Walmart inspectors,you would not want to work there,pollution is rampant at those plants.seeing this first hand,I have never bought or will buy anything at Walmart.

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Sam Walton is SPINNING in his grave....
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