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Default Different unique 26-30' Downeast lobster hull molds

Am narrowing my search for a 26-30' Downeast lobster boat with certain performance characteriestics. Some FG hull molds have changed hands and boats can carry the finisher's name. What are the unique different hull molds whose boat might carry different names or hull ID codes? Thanks.

Am aware of: AJ28, BHM 28, Coastal 27, Crowley Beal 28, Downeast 28, Duffy 26, Dyer 29, Fortier 26, General Marine 26, Nauset 27/28, Northern Bay 28, Sisu 26, Webber's Cove 26 & 29.
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If my memory is correct the BHM 28 is currently being built as the Seaworthy 28. The Nauset 27 was originally built under a different name, which I can't remember. When Nauset dropped the 27 in favor of thier current 28, F.L. Tripp bought the mold and marketed the boat as the Coastel 27. I believe Nauset's current 28 was originally the Harris Cuttyhunk 28.

The Fortier 26 is not a Downeast lobster boat. It is a hardchined bass boat. I owned one for 11 years. It's a really great boat and I'm thinking about buying another one.

The General 26' is also a very nice boat. A friend of mine bought one 2 years ago and is very happy with the boat. He mostly uses it for tuna fishing.

Hope this helps a little. I know that the Sisu 26 was built under at least one other name, something like Portsmouth 26 and I'd bet that some of the other hulls you mentioned have also been built under other names. Hopefully someone else will chime in!


P.S. Just remembered that the Sisu 26 is currently being built as the Lowell 26.
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some Sisus are now sold as North Shore boats
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Terry Jason builds a well regarded hull in this size range.
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it seems that TJ is the best bang for your buck....This is what I "hear"
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I have had my General Marine 26 for three seasons now and love it. I do have it listed here as I was thinking about moving back to a 32', mind you before the 26, I had an H&H40. The past few weeks have been fishing on a friends 31' and really can't make a great decision if its really worth the jump. This year I've been running it with a slow cruising speed of 14.5-15.5knots and burning 4GPH, I just can't compete with that. The boat does cruise up into the 19kt range if you want to pay for it, tops out about 22 if I lay off the box of donuts in the morning.

When I was looking at these boats coming down from a H&H40, I looked at the BHM28, GM26, TJ28 and Fortier 26. Please remember this is my opinion, which everyone has and boats can be finished to different levels as well as cockpit lengths, heights may be different etc.

The BHM 28 was a complete beast of a boat, but at that you are roughly looking at 330hp plus or minus 20, to get 17/18knots and burning probably 7-9GPH. To me it wasn't worth it, plus another odd little thing, is I believe, could be corrected the ones I saw had four wheel house windows facing forward with a lot of obstruction looking forward.

The Fortier 26, well your paying for a name and it probably is a great boat based on tradition. The things I did not like was the high price, no separate head in the cabin and no hard top (which a few have now I believe).

The TJ28 that I saw just didn't like, felt to small, really low gunnel height, small cabin, small helm. Reminded me of being on a parker 25 with an enclosed cabin. Something felt thin about it, again could be the finishing of it.

I really was interested in the Duffy 26 but I didn't see to many of them out there.

Let me just say this people talk about a following sea in some of these boats. I run a following sea on my Simrad Autopilot without any issue, never have. I love the way the GM26 is in a seaway. You can look at my posts here. We have literally fished besides boat 15ft and larger, there have been times we've been doing 10kts but we are with them. Of course a Viking 50 is going to blow by us but time and time again in the tournaments when weather was bad, we were sitting back running with the older Cabo's, Blackfins and other downeast's.

I still haven't decided how much of my boat is for sale, lol. I was 100% to be honest but with the economy not looking good, 4GPH still chasing tuna and having fun with the family can't be beat. I've chased tuna out to Cultivator shoals and all the way down to fishtails with this baby. Been thinking maybe repowering for more HP but can't justify that either.
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