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Default Any advice buynig a Hobie Cat 16 ?

I know its mainly a power boat forum but thought I would ask. I use to teach sailing a lifetime ago. Now looking for a Hobie to keep at my waterfront house and was searching for advice. Have a few lined up to look at Sunday from $600- $2000. Any / all info appriciated. Also saw a decent deal on a 17' , is there much of a difference ? Thanks so much.
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I don't know anything about the 17' but did have a 16' years ago. One thing I do remember about buying used was to check the posts or pylons that come up out of the hulls that the trampoline frame attaches to. On older boats they tended to become loose and would leak. Other than that check the condition of sails, the tramp, the underside of the hulls for wear if the boat is dragged up the beach a lot, and all the usual stuff. In addition check the rudder gudgeons as those also may be loose on a used boat. Like any boat if it looks good it probably is and you don't have to worry about engine condition. If the battens in the jib are already hinged that is a bonus. There used to be all kinds of aftermarket things to make a Hobie better, some may have been incorporated into newer models but again I don't know. I owned mine a long time ago. I sold the Hobie and got an 18' G-cat and all in all it is a much better and more refined boat. That said there was something raw about the Hobie that was exciting.

Lots of fun with one of those for not a lot of money.
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Owned a Hobie 16 for years - If you're buying an older one the 2 big things to look for are delamination on the deck just in front of the front pylons that connect the tramp frame to the hull. It will appear like a bubble, or raised section of the deck meaning the layers of glass have come apart. The second thing to look for is rigidity of the entire structure. Put the cat on the ground, and try to lift the entire boat by only lifting one of the hulls. You should get one of the hulls up just a 1-3 inches before the other one starts to come off the ground. I've seen some hulls where one side comes up 12" before the opposite starts to raise - bad. Translates to lost speed, steering and poor general performance. If these things check out and the tramp/sails are in good shape - you'll have a blast! Enjoy!
Also check out the Hobie company website forums, they're a great source of info. Also check catsailor dot com.
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Hobie 17 is really a single handed boat. The hulls do not have much volume so it cannot carry to much weight at all. What do you want to do with the boat? Are you trailering or beach launching? Crusing or racing? Give us some more info and we can help you narrow down some good boats for you.
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