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Default Retrofit voltage regulator to a Jhnsn 88 spl?

Hello THT,

Newb, here (to THT, not boats).

I have a 1988 Henry O 17 dual console (sweet solid old hull) with a 1995 Johnson 88 spl on the back. The 88 spl is a de-contented 90hp and instead of a voltage regulator/rectifier, it only has a rectifier. Consequently, as RPMs go up so does voltage from about 14v to a little over 16v.

I bought a new VHF last week and installed it only to find that it has a voltage range alarm on it that goes off above 15v. So, the new radio is useless at any engine speed over about 2000 rpms, and, obviously, I don't want to toast the new radio.

The question, since the 88spl is very nearly a 90, sans a few parts, can I put a voltage regulator/rectifier from a 1995 90 hp on my 88?

I've looked over the wiring diagrams for the two motors and it appears the 90 has two more wires coming out of the regulator than the 88 has coming out of the rectifier going to the VRO setup, so I may be able to just blank them off. All others seem to be the same, going to the same places.

Has anyone done this?

I kinda' wish this old 88spl would show some signs of age or injury. But, she still runs like a top. So, I guess I'll just keep figuring out how to live with her.

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