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Default Trolling Plate Help

Im looking to install a trolling plate on my yamaha 150 to troll in the spring. Have heard from a guy at my marina its a bad idea, can crack your cavitation plate or even your lower housing. I have been using 2 drift socks but they are a pain in the a&& and 2 have already ripped. does anyone use them and have you had any problems or any other suggestions. Thanks Dan Mack
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

I have a "happy troller" trolling plate on my old stern drive. I am currently not using the boat because it overheats but I don't think it has anything to do with the plate. I have liked having it on calm days when trolling live bait. If the seas or current is pushing its not needed just troll up wind or current and that slows me to 1.5 to 2.2 on the gps. On calm days the trolling plate slows me down just as much. It is definately not needed or even worth having when trolling artificial plugs or any thing other than live bait. The BAD thing with them that I do know about them though is they are a pain to staighten out every time you forget they are down and pull in lines buckle in and hit the gas. The one I have is soft aluminum and when on the throttle in the down position it takes me about ten seconds to realize that I'm an idiot once again. Then it takes me an hour or so to bang it out just right ,so that the clips that hold it, down or up, fit in snug.
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

Get yourself two TROLLING bags (similar but much heavier duty than DRIFT socks. This is a standard setup on the majority of Lake Erie charter boats for trolling in the 2mph range for walleye. The best ones I know of and ones used by a lot of Lake Erie Captains are sold by Amish Outfitters. look for the "Buggy Bag" for a good description and then buy the "Beefy Bag" - even more heavy duty. Best to check them out online and call Capt Frank in the evenings on his tollfree number listed on the site. Tell him I referred you.
Steve Carlson - FreeByrd
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

Steve is right on about the amishoutfitter bags. I use trolling bags on my boat and they are a breeze. The key is to attach them to an amidships cleat then tie the back of them off on the stern cleat. If you dont have an amidship cleat then add a pair.
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

Boatahalic...said it all. I personally have used a variety of trolling plates over the years. They are always problamatic in some way...particularily when you forget their down. You also do not have to drill holes in the cavatition plate. The plate is also not ON the motor all the time either! I prefer bags, set amidship on either side, I use 42" diameter. Fix them to the springline cleat, and don't forget a trip line, to make pulling them in easier. If you set them at the right length, they end up almost under the boat, and out of you way. Never got in the way of landing a fish, either. This allows you to keep the PRMs up; keeping the batteries charged, too. As a bonus, if the motor ever quits, and your in deep water, hook them to the anchor line, to keep the bow into the seas.
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

I've had a variety of trolling plates on my boats over the years. I found that the Cabelas plastic one has a shear pin which solves the "forgetting" problem. It did, however, only last four years of intensive use before splitting -- probably from sun damage. Aome friends had hydraulic plates but they were very expensive. I've also used bags and found them more of a nuisance.

I now use a 4-stroke electric kicker on a hydraulic lift. I not only have the trolling under control but also a safety device to get me home. If you're interested there's lots of threads on kickers.
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Old 11-26-2004, 05:53 PM   #7
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

I looked at the web site. I see that they recommend using only one bag. My question 2 anyone using these is: how does the boat steer with only one bag? It would seem 2 me that the boat would have a difficult time holding any kind of course with only one bag in use?
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Old 11-26-2004, 08:53 PM   #8
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

I was unaware they recommended just one bag. everyone i know including myself run on on each side.
One bag might work if off the stern but would interfer with fish landing and still make steering hard.
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

I've never done it, but I've heard 5-gallon buckets work well for this purpose.
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Default RE: Trolling Plate Help

FreeByrd hit the nail on the head, he turned me on to the bags. I run 2 of the 36" Beefy Bags from Amish Outfitters. Slows my boat down to 1.9-2.1 knots depending on conditions. The product is very well made. I spoke with Capt' Frank on the phone about my boat and he recommended the size for me. He was right on. Great guy to deal with.
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