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Default Southport 26

Will the Southport 26 comfortably take 4 or 5 persons out on most days in 2 or 3 foot seas and bring you back safely in 5 foot seas if it suddenly gets sloppy. If so what are the advantages of the 28. Usually would not venture out more than 25 or 30 miles and never in more than 3 foot seas.
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Yes.Legit 3 footers are a bumpy ride in any 26 footer and 5 footers are nasty,but is doable with an experienced helmsman.

5 people might be a squeeze,especially if it's rough.

I ran a 26 one time in CT and thought it was a great boat,I don't think you can go wrong.
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yes, yes and yes. That boat is a beast. Probably my #1 26'er.
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I would say no problem. I have been looking at used SP as well.

Check out this awesome video I found on you tube.
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I have fished on quite a few SPs, both 26 and 28 and have fished up to 7 people. I regulary run 4-5 guys fishing both boats and the 26 will handle them just fine. The advantage to the 28 is the its 1' wider, 2' longer and is laid out more for offshore fishing with the island box up front. That doesnt take anything away from the 26. Its a bad azz ride.

Any specific questions, feel free to pm me.
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I have taken my former SP 26' 80 miles off shore with 4 guys - no problem. I have fished the boat near shore with 3 adults and 4 kids - easy. Great boat. I will miss mine.
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Great boat. No issues
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I think the praise is unanimous; top notch boats. If you can afford the 28 go for it. Broader shoulders, higher bow, better on heavy seas. Less prone to stuffing the bow.
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The 26' will be fine in 2-3's, and can return safely if it kicks up to 5FT+ while you are out there. That has happened to me more times than I can count. In fact, the benefit of a Southport, is the ability to stay on plane at speeds of 17MPH, when conditions get really nasty. You can't do that on the competition. Running with 4 guys is the maximum on the 26 in my opinion on an offshore trolling trip of 30+ miles. I run the 28, and I will not take more than 5 on a Canyon run off the NJ coast.

The 26' is a great boat, but if you can swing the 28', go for it. Wider beam means quite a bit in ride and comfort, and the coffin box is a big plus. It has always been my opinion that the forward seats running along the bow sides in any boat in this class are useless for anything but cocktail cruises inshore. But on the coffin box on my 28, on good days two adults can comfortably sit up front while running, as you are further back and closer to the centerline, with your back against the console.
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Love my 26'. I have had to fish in 6-8's, not my choice, tournaments.
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Default Lisa Marie You Have Mail

Lisa Marie You Have Mail
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