Fishing in Kona, HI...

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Default Fishing in Kona, HI...

If you have any experience fishing in Kona please chime in. Was thinking about mabey fishing for a few days in May or June. Any feedback is appriciated.

Thanks and take care, Alex
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

I had a good time with Capt Jeff Rodgers a few years ago. His website is I don't know if he has changed but he let us crew and mate and taught us alot. I was tired of being spoonfed and treated like an idiot, and I talked to quite a few Capts about their style. His suited mine.

I had two women with me, so I asked if we could troll for marlin all morning and deep drop for Amberjack and the like in the afternoon to give the girls something to do. We trolled all morning with a couple of 20 lb tuna to show for it, and caught some live bait to go deep. The amberjack, snapper, and I forget what else kept the girls (and me) happy and made for nice pics and memories. On our previous couple of charters we got a boatride, on this one we got to fish.

Like I said, it's been a few years, but his prices would allow me to fish for 2 or 3 days on the price I'd pay for an offshore charter here in florida. Oh yea, and it's lines out as soon as you clear the pass, so all your time is spent fishing and not running.
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

Capt. Jeff Parish is another good one. Blue marlin, tuna, mahi, ect. all within a few miles of the beach. Like previous poster said, prices are well below those along the east coast for a day of fishing. Also, you can rent kayaks at the King Kameha-meha (spelling unsure..) resort. Bring along a break-down rod and take some 2 - 3 oz. jigs, paddle out a few yards, and you'll catch all kinds of colorful grouper, snapper and reef fish.
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

When I went to Kona, I did not realize how many tournaments they had. It was tough to get a charter and the one I got was basically a boat ride. Capt. did everything since it was just me.... and did not get the chair and harness set up proberly for a guy my size. I was very disappointed to come in empty handed while other boats came in with fish.
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

We have fished many times out of Kona with great results. The drop is less than 1/2 mile from the Honokohau Harbor. We have had great experiences on SeaDancer (450 lb Pacific Blue Marlin release), Northern Lights (beautifully restored Merritt) and the Impulse (218 Pacific Blue Marlin). All charters we have taken have been highly professional, fun and productive.

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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

i fished on the sundowner this past may with darrin isacs, he was professional corteous and pre pared , his mate was green , probably the second trip on the boat. i had my wife and 2 daughters along and they were bored out of their minds , we had 2 shots at marlin but no luck . but that is all you can really ask for when you are strickly marlin fishing . he was very knowledgable and willin to talk about it ,but you really had to work at it to gain any info. if i was fishing for strickly marlin , i would charter him again ,if i was going to have all around fun and atleast catch something i would go with some one else.kona is really cool fishing. outriggers go out when you leave the marina. i think it was around 750 for full day
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...


All correct from the others.

May and June are good for Ono (Wahoo) and still a chance for spearfish and some striped Marlin along with the big blue Marlin also.
Really depends on who you go out with and "you" telling them what you want to target.

I will be here in May and the first part of June but then gone to the mainland, contact me before you come and feel free to ask any other questions.

Aloha, Pete
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Default RE: Fishing in Kona, HI...

went to kona on a charter all the captain would say was all the long lining was killing the fishing while we went on a 4 hr boat ride. the scenery was nice though. got 1 hit.
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