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Default Hydra sports 212 walk around

I'm looking at buying a 2002 hydrasports 212 walk around. Any advice from previous owners?

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I own a 2001 212. Bought it brand new 10 yrs ago. Its been a great dependable boat. Mine has a 150 ficht and will run top speed in good conditions about 38 mph. Always felt it was a bit under powered only because of top end speed. The 150 gives it a great hole shot and up on plain in just 3-4 seconds. If your not looking for a 40mph+ than a 150 is fine. My boat has been kept in a slip for 10 yrs and still looks great. It can be a wet ride with a quarting wind and sea. We have always kept the top up with the plastics on so not too big a deal. I am sure all the boats in this class have the same issue with a dry ride. When I first bought her, she didnt have trim tabs. Dealer told me they we not needed. I put them on myself 2-3 seasons later and found that they improved the ride in different sea conditions dramaticly. She will pound a bit in 2-3 footers but with the trim tabs you can smooth her out quite a bit.
If yours doesn't have tabs get them worth every penny.
You have to uderstand that the 212 is a seahorse class hydra-sport not a top of the the line Vector series. Fit and finish is not the same.
We have had our share of being cought in bad weather. Our little 212 has always got us home. Its not a bad choice for its size and class.

if you have any questions...after owning this craft for 10 yrs I have answers.
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I also owned a HydraSports 212 WA. Mine was a 2000 with a Johnson 150 on it. Had it 9 years and really liked the boat. I agree with FNG that the 150 felt a bit underpowered at times, but I was never looking for top end speed, so it wasn't a big problem for me. That being said I think a 175 would be perfect for this boat.

I've taken it out to Stellwagen Bank (about a 20 mile run) quite a few times and never felt concerned, although these trips were always based on the weather forecast being good. Great inshore boat, the cuddy is big enough to store plenty of stuff in (although overnighting would be tight). I did not have tabs on mine, and imagine they would have smoothed the ride out a bit in a tight chop, although I got by fine without them. All in all I don't have a lot of complaints...good solid boat. Things held up well the entire time I had it.

Hope this helps. PM me if you have any specific questions.

Good luck!
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