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Default Trailerable 22-25' dual console cats?

I've posted a few times before looking for my next boat type. I might have stumbled onto something with these smaller cats...

Twin outboards, porti-potti, lots of seating, rough water handling, and trailerable! Everything I need. I really like the swim platform on the Glacier Bay- looks perfect for kids to keep them off the props. They also look like pretty shallow draft. Potomac river is 3-4' on average if you get out of the channel.

I'll be limited to 7300# trailerable weight- so fuel + trailer + boat should be under 7000 pounds.

I'll be using the boat for fresh water family outings, but I like heavy duty salt water built boats. My primary concern is rough water handling in wind blown river chop. I'm not going offshore in big rollers, but the Potomac River and even local Lake Anna can get really choppy with wind and lots of boating traffic.

The first cat I was reading up on is the Glacier bay 2240- looks great but on the forums I read that's a rolly-polly slug of a boat.

So, what cats should I look into? I'm upgrading from a 22' Donzi classic that was as impractical as a boat could be for a family outing. Couldn't even take a full size cooler out.
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If my towing limit was 7000 lbs and I was looking for a small cat for family use, the first one I would look at is the newer Sea Cat 22 made in Titusville.

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I really like that boat. I also like the Glacier Bay- especially the transom with the little catwalk between the motors. But I've been reading that the GB is a slow rolly-polly semi-displacement boat while the sea cat planes more? I'm not sure I like the sea cat transom with little ladder sticking up. Any with small cat experience out there?
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The Glacier Bay being a semi displacement boat will be somewhat slower and a little less effecient at the higher speeds, for a trade off, of more economical and more of a smooth transition curve at lower speeds (for example 12 to 15 knots of speed). A planing cat will be faster, and more effecient at higher speeds (better fuel economy)--but will not be quite as smooth riding in the chop--and may be better riding in beam seas and down wind and seas. I would not really describe the 22 Glacier Bay as a "rolly polly slug"--it depends on what you want to use the boat for. With a pair of 115 hp you should get up into the 30's which is plenty of speed. In comparison I have a somewhat larger cat with twin 150's which even with a pilothouse gets into the upper 40's and better fuel economy than the semi displacement smaller boat.

The ladder on the Sea Cat is a diving ladder just upside down--and is a convient way to carry it. The "cat walk" between the motors is no safer than a ladder off the transom--you will have the engines shut down any time your kids are back there. Generally Cats are not as good for water skiing or tubbing as are some monohulls, but in my opinion the rides are much better for the size of the boat. For example both of my cats have a considerable "rooster tail" in the wake but I have towed both skiiers and tubes behind the boats--just not as smooth as boats made for that purpose.
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I love mine. Coming from smaller boats, it was a huge leap in terms of size and quality. I constantly battle 6-8 swell and 2-4 wind waves out her on the left coast. Your conditions seem pretty tame although the short period chop is what the boat is made for. It drifts beam to unpowered which I think is what generates all the rocking remarks.

I put 110 miles on it last weekend in two separate trips looking for whales. See below.

It was the best, most capable dual console boat in my size and price range and I looked for a while.

Being a Glacier Bay was just the icing on the cake.

Good luck in your search
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