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Default Saltwater maintenance

I just purchased a 02' Maxum 2900SCR with a single MerCruise 6.2 MPI. I currently trailer it, but am considering renting a slip in San Fracisco Bay and keeping it in the water. What do I need to be concerned with when kkeping the boat in saltwater and what routine engine maintenance will need to be done to prevent saltwater damage.

New boater here, please be gentle

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Default RE: Saltwater maintenance

1. Rinse engine (intrnally and externally) and entire boat EVERY TIME you get back from cruising - letting it sit wthout a rinse is what lets salt kill a boat - you can never rinse long enough
2. use 303 protectant on all vinyl - I use it on gelcoat too - Vinylex is another good one...
3. spray all electrical connections with a corrosion fighter every 60 days - CRC, Corrosion Block, Boshield T-9 are a few names - this means everywhere there ae wires and electrics - under dash, in bilge, etc.
4. Wax hull and everything you can with a good wax - Powerboat Reports (independant testing) just found Collinite No 885 "Fleetwax" to be the longest lasting - do that about twice a year - wax everything - esp metal.

As has been said here before, saltwater wrecks everything except more saltwater and fish....Regular mainteneace like the above will be the difference in a boat lasting a few years or 10 years...I was stupid enuf to not do nay maintenace on my first boat in salt, just the occaisonal washing like I did in the great lakes - I leterally watched it disintegrate in 3 years...

Oh and buy the way - keep it on the trailer - sitting in salt with an I/O is death - it will require a replacement within 3 years if it is a std I/O...see if you can keep it at the marina on the trailer...

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Default RE: Saltwater maintenance

You will have to get both the bottom and the outdrive painted with antifouling paint if you leave it in salt water or you will have a barncle/growth farm there. Find out what paints other boaters in that area find effective. For the outdrive the only thing available is Trilux for aluminum but you have to put the barrier coat (Primocon) on the drive first. If you have a speedometer pickup and a transom mount transducer you need antifouling on them too. The main thing with the outdrive is maintaining the paint protection and the zincs. Find out if there is stray current in the marina, you may need more zincs or a galvanic isolater system. I have left my OMC Cobra in the salt for our season (May-Nov) for 3 years with virtually no corrosion, but it is not a marina with boats hooked up to shore power. You will have to have the drive serviced every year for it to last in salt esp, but it can be done if you are diligent. You will need to wash and wax the hull more often as was noted. Make sure you auto bilge system is reliable before you leave any boat in the water. Coating the engine with a corrosion block ( I like Boeing's Boeshield) is a big help. Main thing is the outdrive maintenance. They are fine if you keep up on them but bad if you don't.
BTW, is this a closed cooling system?? That is best for salt, if not, if it was run only in freshwater, I'd also install closed cooling before running it in salt. Otherwise, just flush it when you can.
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