New 34 Express by Brooks- WOW

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It is a nice looking boat, but I'm not in love with the high brow or whatever it is called. Looks out of proportion to me.
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Sure you could tweak the helm are to hold some MFD's and bring them out a bit closer and also for us in the colder climates a full windshield would be a must. Outside of that I think this boat is very very nice. Thanks for posting. With all the crap I would want to add onto it I might opt for F350's.
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Default You may need a bigger garage like us all.

Originally Posted by miike View Post
but will it fit in my garage?
I cant even fit a motorcycle in my 1 car garage?
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Default Brooks 34

To all who posted above, thanks for all the compliments. I'll share with you about some of your constructive critcism, which is always welcome.
The electronics, they are hard to reach. The set up is designed to be used with a hand held remote which is easier to control than trying to push a button on a moving target. or a dash mounted control separate from the screen. The electronics visual is outstanding where they are mounted.
The port helm chair, it is an option you don't have to get it. It doesn't make the boat lean or not go straight. The chair provides great visability for the captains mate (my wife) so we see the same things and we can chat eye to eye. Both chairs rotate 360* so the passenger can get in the chair with it facing aft and then spin around to face forward without disturbing the captain.

The helm pod is designed to be similar to the pods on large sport fishers. Some like it and some don't. The pod does fold down to gain full access to the opposite side for maintanence.

Hope this helps. We are semi-custom so we can make yours any way you want it.
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I don't see any pics on their site for the 33 pod version....Also I'm curious about the engine options for the pod and inboard options. I would also like to see what it looks like with the enclosure as you would surely need that up here in the northeast. Overall a nice looking boat.
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I crawled all over this boat at the Lauderdale show and spoke with Roger for a bit. Quite the rig, the boat is gorgeous. The boat is very thoughtfully laid out with an excellent use of space. I stepped off a production 32 express onto this and was immediately impressed.

I'm close to being in the market for a 30 - 35 ft express with outboards and this boat is easily a contender. I look forward to seeing it again in Miami.
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The performance specs with twin F300s is impressive.
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Default Brroks 34..

best looking boat I saw at the Miami Show
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Very pretty boat, and well laid out as well. With an 11'6" beam and drawing only 22" the deadrise must be fairly shallow. I did not see this spec listed???
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Amazing what technology will do nowadays!!! Twin 300 OBs pushing a 34'x11.5' boat at 4000 rpm doing 31.2 mph while burning 19.5 gph.
It's a miracle!!!!
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Was it at the marriott site? I really wanted to see that boat. Do you know Where are they made?
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The boat was even better looking in person !! Very sleek lines. Same observation about the electronics being out of reach from the helm..
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