Twin outboard manueverability

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One of the issues that may be of interest to you is to take notice of the "spread" of the power. On my Pursuit Offshore, both engines are spread wide at the factory for better maneuverability. Numerous manufacturers don't consider this as they should. I am very pleased with the spin distance this provides.
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I can spin on a dime, turning the wheel in the direction you want to go will help make you spin quicker, there are several threads on this already.
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raise whichever motor you need to put in reverse a little. this way the prop wash goes under the transom a little, instead of right into it. will help you spin better. i spin the boat in my sig on a dime with the motors pointing straight. no need to cut the wheel at all. i spin counter-clockwise to get into my slip. so my port motor gets raised a little
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The outboards you can manuever as well as most inboard/outboards but not as good as a straight inboard.
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Originally Posted by C Skip R View Post
The outboards you can manuever as well as most inboard/outboards but not as good as a straight inboard.
IMHO it depends ... For example my contender has twin outboards which are closely spaced. A twin inboard could very easily pivot where in a stiff breeze I can't pivot in my length. However with twin outboards I can actually turn the engines in reverse. With just inboards in reverse your rudder is pretty useless.

To answer the original question I would say all other things being equal IOs and outboards are going to be very similar. Spacing and props drive the ability to maneuver more than IO vs outboard.

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I have an 06 Sea hunt 260 w/ twin yamaha 200f4's

Just bought the boat, has 3 blade ss props on it. dont know much more than that right now.
My question is how much better performance( all around) can i get switching props, it doesnt turn on the motors very well right now. 4 blades etc.
Not trying to hi-jack the thread, just seems like everyone here knows alot about props.
Just some info, it leaps out of the hole and wot is around 47mph. full fuel, 3 people. as far as rpm's wot im not sure.
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picking the right props for your boat is almost an art and can be an expensive undertaking. 4 blade props can help some boats and not do so much for others. My suggestion would be to contact the prop guy that frequents this site. I believe his logon name is Ken2. He's probably your best bet.
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