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Default Marine Coolers

Any suggestions of a decent cooler, looked at the Yeti make, those are expensive! but are they worth it ?
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Depends on what your situation is. If you need a cooler for just day use and you take care of them, no they're not worth the cost -- you're basic Igloo/Coleman will work fine.

If you need to keep stuff cold for multiple days or you're rough in handling your coolers, they're worth it.

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We just bought a Yeti and yes it is definately worth the money, keeps ice longer for sure though they are heavier than a regular coolers.
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Check out ARB coolers that 4wheelers rave about
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Yes, I got a Yeti for the first time this year, great cooler, keeps ice for 2+ days in Florida summer
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i agree with PB, it depends on your usage.

I typically use my cooler for one day trips, occasionally two days. I have an Igloo marine cooler that is now 3 years old and i think it will last me 4 or 5 more years. I use a 20 pound bag of ice in my cooler and it usually melts less than 25% on a day trip.

so $50 for an eight year life span for an igloo, a YETI is too costly for me. If you need your ice to last longer or you use your cooler heavily then it may be worth it for you.

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try engel coolers. Pretty much the same as a yeti. Different latches but cheaper than a yeti. I have a 80qt paid less than $300 for it and it doubles as a bow casting platform.
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Default coolas

I have had a yeti for over 5 years now. The new designs are much better than the old. You can't go wrong with the tundra series...great cooler. Also check out frigid ridge and engle. They are all great coolers with certain smaller features that will set them apart.
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I have sold four coolers that are branded Mar Pac Too Kool sold two 120 qt. One 80qt and one 50qt on the label it reads "Sherpa" and from what research I have done they are "yeti's" and are about 1/2 the cost, look them up!
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Multiple overnight trip. Get a Yeti or Frigid

Day trip or single over night trip. Igloo or Coleman is more than sufficent.
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i have a yeti, ultra cool, icytek, and a ssi. the yeti is by far the best! and cost the most
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Engel makes a great AC/DC refrig/freezer.
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overall happy with my yeti tundra. it was too expensive it is too heavy. first cooler I ever worried about someone stealing from my truck. keeps ice about 2x as long as my coleman extreme. there have been some recent threads.
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I filled my Yeti Tundra with ice and 75% of it was there 3 days later during sunny 100 degree+ days 3 weeks ago. I left the cooler on the dock and went away for a trip. I love my Yeti!
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You wouldn't think twice about spending $500 on an offshore reel and get 4 of them to match...and another $300 each for rods, $2500 for an MFD, you'll drop $40-50 on spools of flouro, so why not pop for a decent cooler...I love my drinks down on friday keeps ice all weekend...and tough...I've gone thru 3-4 120Qt Igloos in the last 6-8 years at $100-$125 a copy...keeps ice for a day, day and a half at most, cheaply made, breaks all the time...this Yeti is a year old and will be around for another 10-15 probably...and should pay for itself in ice savings in the next year or so...
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I have a 50 quart Engel Ultra Cool that I use for bait and a 210 quart Frigid Rigid. I have the bait tray that fits into the Engel and it works well.

Just got back from the Bahamas and the bait shop I use was nice enough to let me use one of their larger Engel's. Started out with a cooler full of bait with dry ice on top. Bait stayed frozen for good 3 days with dry ice after which time I started to have to add a bag of regular ice each morning. Lid was opened several times each day to get bait out as needed. Kept bait on ice for 7 days and although it wasn't frozen solid it was "very" cold. 7 days after starting when I emptied last of items in cooler it was so cold it numbed my hands to handle it. Only problem with older Engel's are rubber lid latches which they don't use anymore because they break. I am on my second set on a 3 year old cooler and they will not replace under warranty.

The Frigid Rigid is the best however. It keeps ice better than any cooler I have owned. Even just partially full, bags will keep for days.

No experience with Yeti.
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Never had a yeti or engel, but my boat came with a frigid rigid. It is now 4yrs old and still looks like new. It is also superior in performance to my gott, igloo, coleman, and iceytek coolers. It keeps ice longer and cleans up more easily. However, it is more like "boat furniture". For a good haul around cooler, iceytek is hard to beat.
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I looked at both the Yeti and Engel, after completing some extensive research I decided on the Engel. I could not be happier. Great for fishing, camping, and a great way to keep ice should another hurricane decide to hit South Florida. I am hopeful they all stay in the Atlantic away from our coast or any other coast. I have the 65qt and it sits perfectly in front of the console on my flats boat and can also be used as a casting platform.
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I have 2 SSI and 2 Engels on my boat. Both the SSI and Engels work great. I do not take these off the boat and in my opinion they are too heavy to be taking them on and off the boat anyways. The Engels keep ice longer than the SSI's but it is really a negligable difference. Personally I dont think you could go wrong with any of the high end coolers. In my opinion they are well worth the money not to mention they just look better than a coleman or igloo.
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