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Default Live bait costs you how much

You fellows buying your live bait, how much are you paying per fish?

You fellows catching your own, how long does it take you catch your bait including travel and catching time and fuel to get to the bait hole?

In your opinion, is the return for messing with live bait really worth the time, effort and expense?
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$3-5 per bait for greenies and sardines
$5-10 Goggle eyes
Jupiter, FL

Only ever bought bait when doing an afternoon trip and the people i was with felt like paying the money to target specific species.
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Down here gogs are $80 a doz. I am going out tonight to try and catch a few. It realy is worth buying them all in all. It is a pain in the butt and you really need the proper set up to do it right. unless you are tournment fishing or fishing every weekend it is just not worth it. I saw a boat load of guys and thier kids at boca inlet spend a good solid hour and a half trying to catch pichards. they finaly ended up buying from a bait guy right next to them. That was an hour and a half the kids lost out on fishing.
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In Ft Lauderdale right at the inlet you can pull up to a boat to buy the bait. The going price is 25 bucks a dozen for pilchards and goggs can be anywhere from 5-10 bucks each. The prices will go up during a tournament and if its a big one you can't even buy bait unless you make a reservation.
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Most my fishing is in or near shore. Plenty of bait around here half hour to an hour casting depending on how many people fishing. I also like to have live shrimp, finger mullet and menhaden if possible. In the fall when bait starts getting harder to find I start freezing some to get me through the winter and will sometimes buy live bait and use more artificial when bait is scarce.
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We use sabiki rigs to get ours. I have a lot of different groups of people fishing with me, and sometimes the bait catching gets them pretty excited!

Depending on how they handle those rigs I get an idea how well they can handle bottom rigs...
However, removing those tiny hooks from their fingers is a pain...

I hate to go offshore without livies...sometimes when the bite gets going, it brings out the big boys.

Our local bait shops just don't offer good size live baits we need for bottom fishing..

Our last trip with Marlin009, he had put out pinfish traps the day before and that got us about a hundred livies in a few minutes of pulling helps to have a boat in the water!...
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I was shocked at what bait can cost during a tourney over on the East coast. When I mentioned to my buddy that was expensive, the bait guy got pissed just about left! Bait is serious biz over there.

I just started fishing a few years ago with my kids but I am teaching them that first you catch the bait, then you get go fishing, then you get the big ones...

You have to see how excited they get when 4 greenies hit a sabiki on the Sponge Bob zebco rod!

Most of the time we end up at the beach and let all the bait go one at a time. My kids think it is hilarious.
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Goggs average about $100 a dozen. Not worth trying to get them yourself.
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Yeah, here in East Central FL, we don't get the bait vendors you South FL guys have. I guess that's a blessing and a curse - I might actually buy them if they were available at that price!

As it stands now, we see Sabiki-ing up baits as part of the fun and part of the whole process of fishing. We'll spend close to an hour, some times more, making sure we have plenty of bait before heading out.
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