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Default Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

I am looking for opinions on the Dusky 256 CC. I would also like to know opinions on Dusky in general. What kind of reputation, quality, etc. I am in Louisiana, so going to the factory in Florida would probably be necessary to order one. Any help would be appreciated.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

Everything I hear is good. Have you compared them to everything else? I have always liked their boats. Talked to a guy in Venice this week who has a 1983 model still going strong. Only complaint is they are narrow by todays standards.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

I dont know if we are talking about the same boat, But is the 256cc the model with the twin inboards, fwd cuddy, that is optioned with the tower?? If so, I looked very seriously into buying a used one ( pre '92). The boat is a terrific looking classic, and it is built like a tank. I spoke with an old timer at the factory that told me to look for a couple of issues on that model that were costly headaches. The first and biggest issue was a serious problem with the deck rotting ,just in front of the console where the cuddy trunk meets the deck. The decks in that area are prone to rot , and the deck had to be cut open and replaced on alot of the older models.The newer models were redesigned to solve this. The second issue was that the boat was somewhat wet boat , due to its weight, and power packages available at the time.
Dusky seems to make solidly built boats, that give alot of value for what you are buying.They also seem to be well designed and fishing friendly.
I dont know how accurate this old timers info was, but as it turned out, it was applicable with the SPECIFIC boat that I trialed/surveyed. I would still buy one though , if I found one without those issues .I hope this helps.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

Thanks for the info. I am talking more specifically about the center console open fisherman. It seems to have loads of fishing room. It was nice to here that a 1983 was still running strong in Venice. This is definitely a long term decision. Anybody else with opinions? By the way, this site is awesome. The response was faster than I would have expected.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

The used boat with twin inboards is a different model with a wide beam than the ones made today.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

I also am considering very heavily on going down to the factory and ordering one. Let me know what you find when you go down there. I am so serious i am already looking for electronics. But please let me know.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

Greetings trout25red,

I have had a Dusky 256 CC for the past four years currently with a single Yamaha 250 OX66. It has been an excellent boat. It is definitely a no frills boat. It is not as well finished as Contenders, SeaVees or others. The plastic hatches are relatively cheap but adequate. The plastic Perko fuel deck fill on the front tank tends to leak, replace it with something better. The boat is huge in terms of interior room. It doesn't ride as well as the Contenders or SeaVees but it is built like a tank. A four bladed prop tends to work better allowing a lower minimum planing speed. When it gets too rough we slow down. Tabs helped. We have used it extensively in the Keys and regularly go 20-40 miles offshore. We have made numerous trips to the Marquesas (alone) and Dry Tortugas (with other boats). We do many three day trips, an easily removable dodger gives a nice area to sleep out of the rain. We have also fished many parts of Florida Bay going through cuts only two and half feet deep without hitting bottom. If buying new, try and get a built-in insulated fishbox up front (we added one after the fact, alot of work and expensive). Secondly, leave out the little storage boxes in the back, they take up too much room in the most important part of the boat for fishing. Make sure the floor is white, the grey gelcoat gets very hot in the summer time on bare feet. The single 250 Yami gets exceptional gas mileage, 2.7+ mpg at half fuel, calm water, 3700 rpm, 33 mph. In rough water mileage has dropped to about 1.8 mpg. Overall, I felt it was the best boat for the price. I probably like the 26 SeaVee better, but at the time it was almost twice the price of the Dusky. Good luck on your search.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

Although not in the same class as the 256... I owned the Dusky 17 Open Fisherman and it was a great boat!
If I were in the market for another non-pilothouse boat. the Dusky would absolutely be my first choice.

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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

I'll qualify my comments by saying I've been looking at them seriously, but have not owned one. The 256 and 233 are big for their model designation because Dusky measures center line length, and the bracket is not included. I like the no frills aspect, the reported dry ride, and I think there is little argument the hulls are brick solid. But no frills should not mean some flimsy components that are reported, like hatch latches. I don't think the 233 and 256 are as attractive pricewise as they were in the past. The base prices are appealing, but the options get you. By the time you price the boat with the options needed to make it apples to apples with other choices, it's no longer quite the bargain one may have expected. A 233 I priced came out a about $41K with trailer. That's getting into the range of a Sailfish 23 which is a better finished, and probably better riding, boat, and I have to go to FL to get the dusky. So I'm not as sold on Dusky as I was at first.
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Default RE: Dusky 256 CC? to get or not to get?

If your considering a 20 footer make sure you get Dusky to help you configure it so the cockpit wont flood with water. Apparently the 23's are susceptible to this as well. I think that if you order the spare fuel tank and keep it full that it will help on the 23's a lot, and some on the 20's. Dusky should be able to help you with this.
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