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Default How to make money with boats vs. Google

About five years ago I wrote the book "How to make money with boats". It's a book for dreamers that explains in detail 50 methods of earning a living from a boat. It covers everything from welding, chartering, methods for the crew and kids to earn a living while traveling and even how to build "buoy marinas" along the cruising routs and treasure hunting from a yacht.

All was good and the books trickled out the door, till one day I started noticing I was receiving more email questions about the contents of the book than books were selling. It was then I found that Google Books had picked up "How to make money with boats" and re-published it online.

How can Google republish copyrighted material? I wondered myself and found this question is the subject of a large lawsuit against Google that might conclude this month.

The crux of the lawsuit is it appears Google might (probably will) take control of ALL published material that has an expired copyrights and somehow thousands of other books also, including "How to make money with boat".

Thus, I have posted "How to make money with boats" online for free. I'll paste the table of contents below. The full book is broke up into chapters and can be seen at-

Yes, that is a charter boat site in Tonga and it's also the easiest place for me to post. Use discernment to only click on the "How to make money with boats" tab, or the "Free Reports" tab.

Look at the toolbar on the left for "How to make money with boats" and click on the button. This will bring up the book sections. Click on any section and the text will show up. Eventually I'll get around to cleaning up the text and adding photos. Till then it's just the text.



Table of Contents:

Rules for Running 50 Onboard Businesses 16
Every Business listed is ‘Tried and Tested’ 16
The Boat is Your Mobile Work Platform 17
Doing it Well, The Real Trick 17
Most Advertising is Word of Mouth 17
Third World vs. First World 18
The South African Attitude Contingent 19
Why Yachts Return to the First World 19
It’s All Possible Due to GPS 20
Picking your working location 21
A Constant Flow of Traveling Yachts 21
Ability to import specialty items 21
Comfortable Location the disabled yacht’s Family 22
Safe Moorings or Harbor to Store Boats 22
Support from the City of Choice 22
Machine Shops 22
Airport 22
Traveling in Taxi Hell 23
Learning the lingo 25
Hemorrhaging Money 26
Tourniquet Time 27
Plan for the tourniquet 27
Immediate Shutdown 28
Tips for staying on the job 28
Work according to cyclone season 30
The Wonderful World of Dry backing 31
The Lifestyle 31
Dry backing it 31
Mexican Illegal Alien “How to Work in the USA” Comic Book 31
Categories of Drybacks 32
Working for other Yachties 32
Third World? 32
Working Locally for Local Wages and the Tourist Trade 32
Working for the first world while living in the third world 32
What about Immigration? 33
In Reality 33
Keeping out of trouble 34
Get Legal 34
Look Like a Yachtie 34
Don’t Take the Job of a Local 34
Don’t be the Last Boat Working 35
Turncoats and how to deal with them 35
People are Working Everywhere, it’s Your Decision 36
True Story-This really happened to me 36
Don’s true story 38
The Moral 39
A case study in keeping a low profile 41
Case Study Two in keeping a low profile 42
Keeping your family Happy- The real challenge! 44
Skiff 44
Dinner 44
Sunday is our day 44
Wednesday dinner 44
Allow the crew to work 45
Bring home the story 45
Get them working on a boat project 45
Go cruising 45
Pull the plug 45
Build a career together 45
Listen to their needs 46
Accessing a boat’s potential to support your voyage from thirty yards 46
Hailing Port 46
The rest of the boat 47
Ma and Pa 47
Double Dipper 48
Delivery Teams 49
Charter Boats 49
Scammers 50
Working for the heavy drinker 50
Lost His Course Boat Bum 50
Advertising and getting the first job 51
Your business Card 51
The CD boat card 51
Music CD Advertising Card 52
Boat Sign 52
Flags 53
Boat Agents 53
Locating the agent 54
What to Charge 54
Give Yourself a 20% Raise 55
Getting Paid 55
T&M vs. Bid and Daily Pay 55
Cash on the Barrel Head, and Currency Exchange 56
PayPal and Visa Card 56
Bid Pay 56
Trading 56
Conclusion 57
The Difficult Customer 57
Pro Call Back Artist AKA Scammer 57
Just Can’t Be Satisfied 58
How to identify the difficult Customer from the Start 58
Tips for keeping long hours without upsetting the paying customer 58
Save the Day Once a Day 59
Tech Support Tips for techs 59
Getting the customer his due warranty 60
Tips for getting warranty service 62
A true warranty story from the docks of hell 62
Labor Tithing 67
Cargo Donation 67
A True Story 68
Types of Jobs 69
Work that can be done for other yachts, 69
Work that can be done off your boat for the locals or tourists 69
Selling the product back to your first world country. 69
Kids and crew business 69
Six on Six Off 69
Moving Boats Around for PROFIT! 70
The Delivery Game 70
Creating the Roar 70
How to Charge 70
Port Day Fee 71
Half Down, Half on Completion 71
Max Wind 71
Specialty Deliveries 71
Mechanically Challenged Vessels and how to deal with them 71
Working the Racing circuit 71
Rough and tumble leg 71
Insurance Deliveries 72
Manufacturer Delivery Crew 72
Late Season Delivery Team 72
First Time Cruiser Crew Deliveries 72
Personal gear to take 73
Tools 74
The Peli Package 74
Foul Weather Gear 74
Protecting Yourself 74
The Wonderful World of Chartering 75
Day Charters 75
Locating Your Paying Guests 75
Occupancy Aboard 76
Shade and Seating 76
Dock Greeter and Starting the Day 76
Restroom, Rout Planning, and Getting Home 76
Open Bar 77
Sunset Sail 77
How Much Can You Make? 77
Chartering overnight 79
Specialty Charters 79
Crossing Borders 80
Conclusion 80
Working aboard a private yacht 80
Engineer 80
Captain 81
Steward 81
Chef 81
Dealing with the super rich 83
Tips for dealing with the super rich: 84
Delivery/Sale/Buying on Spec 86
Method 2 87
Method 3 88
Seven Special Boat Purchase Money Makers: 88
Trading Cargo 89
What to take small time 89
Bringing it back to the boat, Things That Worked 90
Buying Sewing Machines 91
Computer Sales 91
Then We Tried Boat Gear 92
Someone Who Was Making It Pay 92
Sail Boat Designed for Cargo Carrying 92
Landing Craft 93
Picking a Rout 93
Using shipping containers to move your cargo 94
Work as an agent 94
Treasure hunting 96
Salvage 98
I have to be honest here… 98
The Salvage of the Flying Fish and Rescuing the crew of Sunrise 100
My Turn 105
Part 2, making a new rig out of the old 108
Part 3 Mistaken Identity and Another Boat on the Reef 111
Moral 117
Sewing, Sail Repair, Canvas Work, and the Mighty Pfaff 130 118
Sail Repair 118
The machine you need anyway 118
Sail Repair, not Sail Making 119
The First Stocking Up 119
Materials Needed 119
How to Purchase Sail Materials on the Cheap 119
Layout Space 120
Typical Repairs and Re-cuts 120
The clew has torn completely out of the sail 120
Adding a Cringle/Grommet 120
Clew Patch Pulled Loose 121
A seam has split luff to leach on a main sail or jib 122
The sail chafed, or caught on something while sailing and then ripped. 122
Canvas Sun Hats 124
Making Courtesy Flags 125
Long Life Flag 125
Canvas Making/Repair 126
The Mighty Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine, the heart of the operation 127
The Legend 127
How Much to Pay 127
Things to Look For Before Purchasing a Pfaff 130 127
Pfaff 130 Options 128
Shipping a Sewing Machine 128
Cleaning the Pfaff 130 129
Turbo Charging the Motor 129
Buying the Turbo Motor Wholesale 129
Push Start 129
Correcting Pfaff 130 problems 129
Tension Problems 130
Skipping Stitches: 130
Balling of thread under material: 130
How to Time a Sewing Machine anchored at a tropical island 131
Symptoms of out of time machine 131
How a Sewing Machine Works 131
Marking the Needle Arm 131
Timing the Needle Arm 131
The Final Timing Check 132
Pfaff 130 Conclusion 132
Part IV 133
Diesel Engine Tech, Engine Work, Engine Changes 133
Repair vs. Trouble Shooting 134
Special Diagnostic Tools 134
Diagnostic Tool Tips 134
Coolant System Pressure Test— 136
Hand Held Tachometer— 136
Oil pressure gauge, Low Pressure Gauge/Vacuum gauge— 136
Mechanics Stethoscope— 137
Feeler Gauges and Digital Calipers— 137
AC/DC Clamp Amp- 137
Digital Muli-Meter 138
Dad Says 139
Engine Alignments- 140
Marbles in the gearbox? 141
Regularly Scheduled Engine Maintenance 142
Diesel Fuel Polishing 143
One Week Engine Change 146
Buy New, DON’T REBUILD! 146
The Biggest Secret, Measure before you pull the old engine 147
The Magic Measure Technique 147
Simple Now that you know 147
Price Beater 148
The Rest of the Fit 148
Lifting the Old Engine 149
Commonly Asked Engine Change Questions: 149
Q. What is this all going to cost 149
Q. Does and engine change ever take longer than ten days? 150
Q. Does the boat have to be hauled for an engine change? 150
Conclusion 150
Offshore Engine Check-Engine Analysis 152
Technician 18 Point Engine Inspection Checklist. 152
Part V 155
Working Metals 155
Making the big bucks as a welder 155
Your welding machine 156
The welder you already have 156
The BIG money PTO Mount 158
Mount designee 159
Base Plate 159
Marking and drilling the holes 159
Making and designee of the Bracket 160
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Default TOC pt 2

Struts 160
Making a turn buckle tensioning arm 161
Begin with a Half Inch or larger Turnbuckle 162
Automatic Tensioning arm 162
Automatic Tensioning arm 163
Making and mounting the second drive pulley 164
Pros of buying the marine high output alternator 166
Pros of buying off the shelf 166
What alternator to buy 167
Small Case 167
Medium Case 167
Large Case 168
Alternator conclusion 168
What is a three-step regulator? Why should we have one or sell one to a customer. 170
What Regulator to use? 171
High Tech- 171
Low Tech- 171
Combination Regulator Upgrade and back up Regulator 171
Custom Aluminum Skiff Building 172
Plywood designees can be built in Aluminum 172
Carry a Set of Stock Plans, Modify to Fit the Boat 173
Welding Machine and Tools Needed 173
Materials Needed 174
Building Space 174
The Whole Boat Builder 174
Shore Based Welders 174
Aluminum projects 175
Rail Welding, With Added Security Locks 176
Welding Gear Needed 177
Polishing 178
Polishing tips 178
Conclusion 179
Oxy Acetylene 180
Lessons Learned 180
A Better Idea Oxy/Propane 180
Gear Needed for Oxy/Propane 180
Map Gas 180
Big Money Exhaust manifold and Elbow 181
Copper pipe shelving 182
A true story of Billy’s welder 184
Part VI 186
Marine Electrician, and Electrical Work 186
Electrical Panel Upgrade 189
Building Wind/Water Chargers 191
Generator Specs 191
Rewinding a car alternator for wind charging 192
Trolling Attachment 192
Antenna man 193
Installing alarm Systems 194
Computer Guru or Upgrades 195
Pactor Upgrade 195
Yacht Internet Connection 195
Marine Carpenter 197
Interior Work 197
Adjusting the interior after an engine change 197
Wood Mast Repair 198
Arranging your Job 198
Big Money Specialty Jobs 198
Ron’s Great Work Table 198
Mast Stepping 199
Be Careful What You Wish For… 202
A Mast Stepping Encounter 202
Driving a mast down the road 204
My First Mast Stepping 205
Chart Printing and Trading 206
Laying Cork Decks 207
Getting Rich Building a Virtual Marina 208
A Virtual Marina? 209
The Plan 209
Work with the Locals 209
Mooring Field Grid 210
Dinghy Dock 210
Building and setting a mooring 210
Moving the Mooring 210
Mooring Designee 211
Lay Out the Mooring Field 211
Keep Building and Add Services 211
Advertising 212
Big Money TIPS!! 212
Sell Electricity! 212
Easy Bahamian Moor Dock 212
Moving vehicles to your resort 213
Taking Over and Running a Private Resort 213
Look for Unkempt Grounds 213
Collecting, filtering and selling vegetable oil as diesel fuel 214
Marine Surveyor 216
Painting custom boat names 218
Importing Native Art Work 219
Don’s Unique story 220
Bottom cleaning and Boat Diver 222
Hookah 223
Scraping the Bottom 223
Finding lost objects 224
Boat Yard Bottom Jobber, and Blister Repair 225
Blister Repair 226
Inflatable Dinghy Repair 228
Roaming factory rep 229
Making-Selling Water 230
Categorizing and keeping track of all onboard yacht systems 231
Writing a Yacht Operators Manual or Crew Manual 233
Mobile beach rental 235
Part VIII 236
Working from the boat 236
Carving, scrimshaw, Jewry 236
Playing Music, Busking, Teaching the art 237
Surf Board Repair 239
Bounty Hunter 240
Painting portraits and Art Work 241
Hair Dressing 242
Equipment list: 242
Leading Yoga, Meditation or Massage at Resorts 243
Massage 243
Teaching Yoga 244
Meditation 245
Be Careful Working at Resorts 245
Land Speculation 245
Teaching service staff how perform to first world standards 246
Writing Magazine Articles 247
Publishing and selling books 248
Radio Producer 252
Video Production 253
Running Contraband 254
High Risks 254
The Risks Keep on Coming 254
You Can Live Well Without the Risk 255
It Hurts us All 255
Joan’s True Smuggling Story 255
Anchored Alone in the Best Time of His Life 255
Just Sail Away he Thought 255
Set For Life 256
14 Kilos 256
Head West 257
Years Later 257
Part IX 258
Children and Crew Money Making Jobs 258
Boat Ramp Bottom Job 258
Beach Ticket Seller 259
Bird Watching 260
Painting Universes 261
Kids water and fuel delivery 262
Make Specialty Charts or Chart kits 264
Part X 266
Things that were fun but did not make a whole lot of money 266
Book Binding 266
Photo Captions 266
Ozone De-molding of Stored Boats 266
Selling Brownies and Cheesecake Boat to Boat 267
Ships Clock Repair 267
African Sandals 267
Drying and Selling Fruit 268
Sharpening Drill Bits 268
Collecting and Selling Shells 268
Collecting Tropical Birds 269
Part XI 270
Working Six Months On, Six Months Off 270
Arranging the second season 270
It’s not what you make, but what you spend 270
Disposable Income 270
Tricks to Taking it all Home 271
End of Season Tricks to Make Even More MONEY 271
Cruise Ship work 272
National Park Concessionaire 273
Tree Planter 274
National Marine Fishery Observer (nmfs) 274
Fish Processors 275
Forest Firefighter 275
Ski Bum 275
Construction worker Seasonal Heavy Equipment Operator 276
Seasonal Import Business 276
Truck Driver 276
Mill Shutdowns 277
CPA Tax Man 278
Christmas Tree Lots, and Christmas Help 278
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Wow, that is quite a table of contents.
Your predicament is unfortunately now very common. The two internet giants, Google and Amazon are like the Walmarts of the cyberworld. They are able to set prices and eliminate competition. The traditional media industry hasn't been able to figure out how to make money on the internet which means that writers and authors are getting royally screwed with lost rights and less pay.
Well, thanks for sticking it to Google and sharing your book with us.
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I'm confused. I thought copyrights lasted for decades. How could it simply expire in 5 years just because it went out of print?
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I am assuming from your post that your copyright has NOT expired. If that is the case, unless you have otherwise given them permission to post, I believe Google will immediately remove the book upon your formal demand. I would make such a demand.

I could be wrong, but I don't believe Google has ever claimed they can "control" or whatever copyrighted work without permission from someone with authority to give permission. (They may have posted it, don't get me wrong, but I don't think when confronted they will try to claim it is OK, but rather will remove it.) Different issues with expired copyrights, and, messiest of all, the issues in the lawsuit dealing with copyrighted work where a number of people have been given permission by the holder to use/publish the work and one of them (or so Google claims) has then given Google actual or implied permission to republish. That lawsuit is a total cluster F, and it will be interesting to see the result.
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Default Lawers, google and lunch

Thank you for the comments.

Just had lunch with one of the local jailhouse cruising lawyers. According to him and Google - authors have three options pasted below. All three involve lawyers, money, time and effort. These are all diversions from sailing. I chose the higher ground of putting the complete book on our site for free. The lawyer said "never thought of that..." and instead of wasting any more money and time on the issue I'm going wake boarding. I think that is a much more beneficial use of my time.

How to make money with boats is available in paper copy for purchase, as it has been for the last five years, and it is now online for free on our site and apparently also on Google books.


PS the Google bits are pasted below. Note I waited till the last day to make the decision to post the book for free.

Google option

# Opt out of the Google Book Settlement: If you have already opted out of the Original Settlement, and wish to remain opted out, you need not – and should not – opt out again. If you wish to opt out, your Opt Out Form must be submitted online or postmarked on or before January 28, 2010.

# Opt back in to the Google Book Settlement: If you opted out of the Original Settlement and wish to opt back in, your Opt Back In Form must be submitted online or postmarked on or before January 28, 2010.

# File an objection to the Amended Settlement: If you wish to object to the provisions amending the Original Settlement, your objection must be postmarked on or before January 28, 2010. You need not and should not refile your objection to the Original Settlement, which will be considered as previously filed. You may, however, withdraw your objection at any time prior to the date of the Fairness Hearing.
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Default Wake boarding vs. a day with lawers

Now that I'm past the day of posting How to make money with boats on line for free I feel much better having spent the day in the water than in the lawyers office.

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It isn't completely clear that the book was copyrighted but I guess it probably was. So you could sue for damages if the lost book sales were enough to pay attorney's fees and a judgment. Or you could sue and get a cease and desist order, but that's not free either. Or you could find a group of affected folks like you, file a class action suit. If you win each of the plaintiffs get a dollar and a half aand the attorneys get the big bucks.

Maybe copyright infringement should be a criminal rather than a civil matter.
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Originally Posted by mike343 View Post
It isn't completely clear that the book was copyrighted but I guess it probably was. So you could sue for damages if the lost book sales were enough to pay attorney's fees and a judgment. Or you could sue and get a cease and desist order, but that's not free either. Or you could find a group of affected folks like you, file a class action suit. If you win each of the plaintiffs get a dollar and a half aand the attorneys get the big bucks.

Maybe copyright infringement should be a criminal rather than a civil matter.
Thanks for your thoughts. I completely agree. Given the choices you laid out I decided to release the book for free. Seemed like the best for all.

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