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Default gas tank cap

Today I was getting ready to gas up the boat.When I removed the stainless filler cap The stainless chain that secures the cap to the boat broke and went down into the fuel tank.Should this create a problem? Is there a screen on the pick up tube? Thanks
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Default RE: gas tank cap

Since the pick-up tube doesn't actually reach the bottom of the tank, I doubt there's a problem. If you can access the tank through the sending unit, then maybe you can reach in and get it. This depends on the size and configuration of the tank of course.
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Default RE: gas tank cap

I really think you are ok.
The four tanks I have taken apart in my lifetime have all had a fine sediment screen on the pickup in the tank.

The stainless will last forever in the gas and I do not believe you will have problems with electrolisis eating the screen or the chain. I assume that you have a sediment filter in addition to the internal one, so minute piece of chrome are not a concern.
If your tank doesn't have a screen, and the chain snakes itself down the hose, it will encounter the spring loaded ball check valve, which has a lot of back pressure against it to protect you from fire spreading to the tank, and won't open enough to jamb itself open with one of the chain balls.

But if you do notice that gas is hard to prime quickly with your bulb in the future, the chain could be partially blocking the inlet to the check valve during high flow. Removing the valve from the fuel line in this remote case, will reveal the lost chain.
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Default RE: gas tank cap

Researching the problem I was having with my tank, I read that if you have an aluminum tank, any type of dissimilar metal will cause the aluminum to corrode at the point of contact. In my case it was a galvanized pick up tube wedged against a baffle. Eventually corroding the aluminum tank from the inside out. It was a used boat so I'm not sure when it was dropped in there. At least six years, probably more. Your case depends on where it settles and the thickness of your tank. If you monitor your fuel filter and start seeing rust specks (chain) or white powder (aluminum) then you might want to clean it out or start checking the tank for leaks.
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