Steering help needed!

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Default Steering help needed!

Ahoy there! I have a problem that I need some expert help with, so I came here! I have a 1992 Evinrude 115hp Quiet Rider pushing a 19' Sunbird runabout. The steering feels great at slow speeds, but when I get up on plane, it pulls hard to the right. I've lubed the steering system - no help. Anyone got any ideas on what my problem is?

I appreciate your help!

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Default RE: Steering help needed!

If the motor is trimmed up and still pulls, you might want to check the sacrificial anode shaped like a fin above the prop. Sometimes they work themselves loose, fall off or get used up. I'm not sure about Evinrudes, but on a Mariner I had, the fin was pointed in the wrong direction and added to the torque steer.
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Default RE: Steering help needed!

Glass - you sure it doesn't pull hard to the left?

There's a tab that is adjustable just above the prop, counter-adjust it to make the boat run straight.

Usually those problems are caused by prop-twist.. prop turns right, pushes down on water, forces boat to list (tilt) to the port (left) and the boat pulls left.. now, mabye it's caused by your own weight and/or battery placement - making the boat list to starboard (right) and turns right..

Anyway, hard to say. The sure-fire fix is to spend the $200 and install a NFB (no-feedback) steering system. That will prevent the wheel from turning from force exerted by the engine - in other words, you let go of the wheel and it stays where you put it - prevents fatigue when steering, it's really the only way to go as far as mechanical steering. Every boat should have it stock, but for whatever reason, manufacturers skimp on steering.

You might even be able to just swap the helm for $130 or something.. worth every penny either way.

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Default RE: Steering help needed!

OK, forgive me for being ignorant, but the anode fin should be turned in the opposite direction as the pull? Right now, it's turned all the way to the right. I guess I should move it over to the left a bit?

BTW, thanks for your input!
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Default RE: Steering help needed!

The trailing edge of the fin should be on the side of the pull. So looking from the top, if it is pulling to the starboard, the fin should look like this \ . If it is ... and it is still pulling in that direction, you will need to adjust further. The theory behind it is that the force against the fin will push the drive back toward center thus adjusting for the pull. Obviously if pulling to port, adjust the fin to the opposite angle like / .

When adjusted properly, you should be able to let go of the wheel and it will continue to track straight.
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