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Default Cape Horn 19 Reviews

I'm researching to buy a used 2-man fishing boat that I will be staging in Mobile, AL for my visits there (about 3-4 months a year around fishing seasons). I plan on buying it within the year and storing it at my cousins house. It needs to be small enough to be pulled to a local launch ramp with a V6 Nissan truck but large enough to go 30 miles offshore in the gulf from Dolphin Island. Got some red snapper WPs there from my cousin. I do not need to be comfortable going out but the boat needs to be designed to handle those conditions. Got a $20k budget.

After spending weeks reading most websites, including info on this site, and google stuff on east coast fishing CCs, i.e. contenders, regulators, albemarlin, seacraft, yellowfin, etc, I'm intrigued by the 19 foot Cape Horn. I'm a live bait and bottom fisherman. So the main reason I like the Cape Horn 19 over the others is the transom area livewell setup and convenience. It Looks like you can lock yourself into a transom corner for fighting a fish or just drifting in rough seas.

I would appreciate your opinion on the Cape Horn 19 for fishing the gulf waters out 30 miles. Are there better years than others?

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It is one of the most popular boats in the gulf for doing exactly what you said. I know there was a design change to improve the dryness of the boat when running but not sure what year on the 19. I have a 21 with the same transom setup and it is awesome to be able to get back in the corners of the boat and have your toes almost even with the engine mounting bolts.

Not sure if the pics are of the exact boat you are looking at but those chairs have to go in favor of a leaning post. No way would I want to sit in them with the boat moving.
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there is a sweeeet 21 for sale in the trading dock with electronics, trailer and suzuki power for $27K.

i rented a brand new 19 in the keys last year and ran it all over the place for a week...loved it, especially for the transom setup
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PM Bullshipper, he has a 19 with allot of time in her
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I have a 17 ft Cape Horn and Ill never have any other kind of CC. It is the sturdiest, easy to clean fishing/family boat I have ever owned. I absolutely love it. Ive owned 5 other boats up to a 23fter and the Cape Horn is my favorite hands down. IMO you cant go wrong with the Cape Horn
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I rented one for a week with a Yamaha 150 in Marathon a few weeks ago. I liked the boat. I have no experience in the Gulf to speak of for offshore fishing but ran it around the reef and in Florida Bay. It was a nice boat, dry, a little rough but I comparing it to my Glacier Bay. Fun boat and stable fishing platform. No coincidence that a 11 year old rental outfit picks them to use. Seems small for 30 miles out but again I am not familiar with the Gulf only the Atlantic. Got up on plane pretty good and I was regularly going about 30 MPH according to the GPS. It seemed to like running at about 4000 RPM.
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As others have written, the Cape 19 is a tough, no nonsense fishing boat that is safe and sturdy. It has virtually no storage space, but fishes well in a spartan way. Plan on getting some canvas to shield spray and a t-top, and you will be on your way.

IMO, the Cape is the best choice for your plans and budget. Now, one important caveat: going 30 miles out in the Gulf in a 19' boat is risky, no matter what the boat. We get hellacious thunderstorms that can throw up 6-8' seas in a few minutes, and 30 miles is a long ways offshore. If you are very careful, watch the weather, carry two of everything and are experienced, it certainly can be done, and is all of the time. It still is dangerous, though, IMO, and I have done it myself, in my 20' boat.

A lot of people around here are still talking about the NFL players that recently went about that far out in a 21 and wound up turning turtle in a storm, and only one of them surviving.


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I am comming down off the price of my 21.. Someone is going to get a deal
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The Cape Horns are in my Top 2 choices of Glass boats if I wasn't into Alloy.

EJ, the ball players died because they were stupid. One does NOT tie off to a stern cleat and try to pull a anchor loose in a STERN SEA .
Not wanting to argue with you at all BUT their boat would have done fine with a Capt. that knew what he was doing out there.

Cape Horn 27 with twins ......................I'm in
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