Need some help with fuel tanks

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Default Need some help with fuel tanks

Finally made it to South Carolina with my project boat a few weeks ago only to discover that the main tank was leaking. Drained the tank, cleaned out the bilge and pulled the tank. It is beyond repair and I need to replace it. The tank was obviously a replacement tank and once it was out I discovered a ton of crappy workmanship and seperated glass. The installation also prevents access to the stuffing boxes. I'm resigned to reworking the area, but have a couple of decisions to make. Don't ask why I didn't replace it when I installed the two saddle tanks and refloored the cockpit.

The old tank was 150 gallons. I added two auxiliary tanks for an additional 130 gallons. Total capacity 280. At an average 1.2 NMPG Would give me a max range of 320NM. Safe range of 240NM. Typical offshore round trip is 150NM.

I've checked out some poly tanks and I can fit two 50 gallon tanks in the same area and provide access to the stuffing boxes and have room to have a gear locker. Total capacity 230 gallons. Max range of 280NM. Safe range of 210NM.

Reworking the tank space I can add a few inches to the width and add a few gallons and push the total fuel on board to 300 gallons with a custom aluminum tank. With 300 gallons I might be able to squeeze in two days offshore.

I like the idea of a gear locker and access to the stuffing boxes, but I feel like the additional gas would be a plus.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Default RE: Need some help with fuel tanks

If it were me, I would go with the twin poly tanks and leave myself access and storage space. You still have a decent factor of safety for emergency fuel, poly tanks won't corrode (although there is some odor permeation), and it lightens up the boat a little (300+ lb). I would also plumb in an auxillary tank connection - that way you could always use a deck fuel bladder if you want to run an extended trip.
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