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Default Applying pin stripe. One continous lenght or break it down in sections?

I am planning intall a 2" thick pinstripe on a 31 foot boat. Replacing the old faded one. Using the tape do you apply it in one continous 30' stripe on each side? Or do you break it in half or quarters to make it easier to apply?

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You want it to be all in one piece. 2 inch tape is tough to work with, so you may want to cut a couple short pieces and play with them where you have curves and corners. There's nothing more frustrating than laying 30 feet of tape and then messing it up when you try and go around to the transom.

Even if you have the old line where the tape was as a guide, you'll find laying it perfectly over the original line is tough. Get a roll of blue masking tape and put a line of it down the hull at the edge of where you want your new tape to go. That way the edge of the blue tape serves as a guide. As you are laying the blue tape on, keep stepping back and looking at it from the front and back of the hull. You'll be able to see where it is uneven or has waves in it. It is a lot easier to fix the blue tape than the 2 inch tape. It might be easier if you "float" the tape on using a mild detergent spray. The advantage is that you can move and re-position the tape. The disadvantage is that it can move without you noticing it. I'm good with tape, but have never made a 2 inch stripe go around a transom corner and look decent, so don't feel bad if you have problems with it. I prefer to use two colors of contrasting tape to a single wide stripe. Once the stripe is on, squeggee any bubbles out. Big ones may need to be popped with a needle.
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Have a buddy help as well. Tough job for one.
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As for laying out the guide tape, I find that if you unroll 6-8 feet and continually sight down the tape as you go it will produce a very fair line. Keep tension on the tape at all times; once you start don't stop until you have the whole length done.Keep your eye very close to the hull and look as far down the hull as possible. Just touch the guide tape enough to keep it in place until you have the whole length taped, then stand back and eyeball it. Move the tape as little as possible. I have taped many sailboat boot stripes this way and short of a laser level it works the best. If you stand right in front of where you are applying the tape it will always be wavy. I also put some measured grease pencil marks along the edge of where the guide tape should lay.
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Might even be a good idea to mix up some solution to keep the vinyl from sticking until you rub it out with a squeegee, lots of vinyl guys use ammonia with a few drops of dawn dish detergent mixed in, you spray the back side of the vinyl and it lets you slip it around until you rub it in place.

I ran a red 1" stripe on my boat (continuous) but it was easy because #1 it was only 1" and number 2 I ran it right over the stock 1" stripe which was not marred in any way.

I liked the red more than the white they used.
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A couple more hints:
* most of the large and all of the small bubbles will float through the vinyl in a week or two. No need to go nuts with the squeegee or pin.
* using kerno's blue tape is a good, good idea. Install the boot-stripe tape a certain distance from the blue tape instead of trying to butt one edge to the other. 1/8" or 1/4" is fine; it allows you to eyeball the installation
* like yottyboy said, don't look at where the tape is touching the hull; kind of glaze your eyes and almost use peripheral vision to make the application
* breeze is death. Install in dead calm, even if you have to do the other side when the wind changes direction.
* 2 people is good, unless you can make yourself comfortable keeping about 6' of tape unrolled in front of where you're going to lay it down.
* try to pick a cooler day to install the tape. Hot day will cause more stretch; something that your eye will notice a mile away if there's a thinner section due to stretch.

Besides all these suggestions, it's a piece of cake!
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