ICW How do you run?

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Default ICW How do you run?

Whether going north or south do you run outside or Intercoastal Waterway?

Bringing down a boat from NY and would like to run outside as much as possible, 36' sportfisherman diesel, but is that actually doable? I know some go in around Norfolk.

Looking for actual experience, not lessons in seamanship, thanks!!
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Default RE: ICW How do you run?

won't give any seamanship lessaons here

what is the weather going to be that day?

how comfortable are you with Oregon Inlet? Hatteras Inlet?

How much time are you willing to spend?

Weekday or Weekend?

lots of variables..mainly time and weather that prompt people to jump and run "outside"

some people like the scenery in the ditch, the pace

others want to get up and put her in the corner...give me some more info and I will do my best to help you

norfolk is probably a common spot due to sheltering from the weather

if it is blowing 25k-30k..all the charter boys will be in the ditch if they have to get north say to the WMO...ditch is always (usually always) doable no matter the weather

buy a chartbook or chip..makes the ditch much more enjoyable as it passes time and tells you what turns/bridges are ahead
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Default RE: ICW How do you run?

I ran a 35' Downeaster up to N.Y. from the Norfolk/Hampton area last fall.
I went outside all the way.

I recommend the Maptech chartkits. They're very detailed.
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Default RE: ICW How do you run?

Last time I ran the ditch. Faster and safer than outside, esp in bad weather
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Default RE: ICW How do you run?

We just brought a 34' Luhrs Sportfish up from St. Augstine to Annapolis, MD. Ran outside until Morehead City, NC, then through the ICW inside route (not the sounds, but also not the dismal swamp canal--the other canal) up to Portsmouth, VA, then through the Chesapeake Bay.

The ICW inside from Morehead City to Portsmouth was great. Absolutely beautiful, and you can run as fast as you want almost the entire time. Everybody's favorite part of the trip.

We came in at Morehead City because we didn't want to run outside around the Outer Banks, and didn't want to run Hatteras or Oregon inlets. From what we could tell from charts and asking around, Morehead City was the last "easy" inlet between NC and the Ches. Bay (there were 8-10s forecast for outside at Hatteras).

The short time in the ICW in FLA (from St. Augustine to the St. John's river) was really slow. Lots of manatee zones, low water, etc.

Have fun.
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Default RE: ICW How do you run?

MarlinMike, If I remember correctly this is the way that my uncle's captain always took going North and South and this is also the route that most delivery captains always take.

Miami Fl to St Augustine FL (outside)
St Augustine FL to Charleston SC (outside)
Charleston SC to Beaufort NC (outside)
Beaufort NC to Norfolk Va (inside)
Norfolk VA to Atlantic City NJ (outside)

It would take us 5 days

Hope this helps.
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