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Default Renken boats

I have a chance to get a Renken 23' cuddy for a good deal. I tried doing a little research and there doesn't seem to be too much. Seems Renken is now SeaFox? Boattrader has a few listed. Good/Bad/Ugly......Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Chalk
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Default RE: Renken boats

How old is it? I had one years ago. It was OK but but cored with wood. You may need to check for rotten decks and soft spots.
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Default RE: Renken boats

Renken was an old family business theat made low to mid tier boats for quite a lng time and then sold out to United Marine with not too much success. They had some good designs and were good riding boats. They definitely sold alot of boats on the east coast. As far a being Sea Fox goes that could be questionable. The fact is that Fred Renken is President, but that may be the only link. There are many Renkens still running around today and that may well be a tribute to owner maintenance. If you buy it RIGHT, it may well be worth it. I'm sure others will have more input.
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Default RE: Renken boats

the 2 sons of the renken owner run seafox. Consider it this way. The boat is relatively old now, so the mere fact that it still sits on top of the water means its a good one.

renken had one of the biggest cockpits available for a 24' walk around. It was huge.
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Default RE: Renken boats

Back in the mid-to-late '90's, Renken made Seamaster boats. Don't know if they still do. I occianionally see an old Renken (non-Seamaster) or two at Lake Erie.
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Default RE: Renken boats

I'll second what Mud Runner said - Renkens were on the lower end of the price and quality scale, so your good deal is nothing special as there are lots of good deals around on Renkens.
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Default RE: Renken boats

I had a new 1995 Seamaster 24, I bought it for the huge dive plateform Sea_Dad is talking about, It was by fare the worst boat out of the 5 I have owned, Gel coat cracks, interior problems, build junk left in the hull,broken hardware,water in transome new from factory, poor ride,cheap pumps. The Yamaha stern drive was a piece of junk too, I could not get risers because they where back ordered for 9 months, I had to switch over to Merc risers, I am sure there is much I have forgotten (thank goodness those piticular memorys are fading). The two sons do run SeaFox.
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Default RE: Renken boats

Thanks for the input....I have not laid eyes or hands on it yet, but for $500 the trailer might be worth it I might hold out and keep looking for that Mako or Seacraft project.

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