Foam removal

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Default Foam removal

How do I get the foam out of a 16 ft flats boat to get to the blilge to do some fiberglass repair? The foam is solid and I have to remove it to repair a crack in the hull along the keel.
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Default RE: Foam removal

I'm assuming the crack is on the outside of the hull and not in the bilge...?

I believe there is a way to repair a crack from the outside so you do not have to go into the bilge.
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Default Re: Foam removal

Check out the boston whaler, site. I was visiting and found info on fiberglass repair to the hull. Check the reference section.
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Default Re: Foam removal

I have used a wood paddle bit and a shop vac. Slow going but it gets the job done.
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Default Re: Foam removal

i am using a drywall saw (very course blade) and a flat prybar. Easy short hacks (like a hoe) seem to pull out pretty good side chunks.

I think it is dirty and time consuming no matter how you do it
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Default Re: Foam removal

I used a pressure washer with a jet nozzle to remove the foam around a gas tank once. It worked very well.
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Default Re: Foam removal

I saw a scraper blade at the local Ace Hardware that was made to fit a SawZall. That could do a decent job. You do need to remove it to get to both sides of the glass for a proper repair. I also like the pressure washer idea!
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