2000 22' shamrock cc stalker

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Albie (Albemarle), not Albin. Albemarle is now owned by the Brunswick Corp...... not that that has anything to do with this thread.

I use my 248xf out of the Jones inlet (NY) and while it is built and rides like a tank, it too can be a bit wet and i am thankful for the full enclosure when quartering in to the wind in somewhat rough seas. I guess that's to be expected, as it is only a 24' boat in the end.

I see many Shamrocks in the Great South Bay and Ocean, so they must be doing something right? Many experienced captains told me when I was shopping for my boat: "There's NO boat that's perfect, you have to decide what matters to you and buy based on that". I'm very happy with my boat, but I was just drooling over the 30+ footers with 2 or 3 BIG outboards hanging on the back in the Lifelines (Seatow) magazine that came in the mail. Not that i could afford them :-).

Happy Holidays... Y'all. -TomT

2005 Albemarle 248xf w/ Volvo 5.0 Jackshaft Duoprop

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Had a 21' Predator- sold it in 4 months for all the reasons already listed. Loud, wet, slow Kinda like...
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I almost boat a 22' stalker, but decided to get the 246WA. Not as good looking as the stalker, but more practicle.

Albeit a different model, my 246WA has been a great boat. I use it often offshore in South Florida and the Keys. The boat is 9 years old, engine has over 1000 hrs, with one problem (efi computer). The straight inboard drive system is bulletproof, doesn't require the same maintenance as you might run into with a jackshaft/outdrive. Speed....mine will cruise at 20-28knots, and run WOT at 32 knots, that is loaded. Empty the boat and she's faster. Over a 110mile trip last summer, doing a mix of running, trolling, towing a tube, I got over 2.5kmpg. Wet? wetter than any other boat I've been on, especially since installing the curtains . Best thing about the shammy, is that it has an extremely low cost of ownership. They are not expensive boats, are economical to opperate, can typically be fixed by a shadetree mechanic, and can be re-powered for for FAR less than an outboard powered boat. You can get a complete bobtail 350 for less than $6000. When I considered all of these issues, the decision was easy. I simply could not afford a comparable 24-26' boat or get as much for my money.
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I own a 22 Warrior. I love it. Top speed 22 but sips gas. Solid as a rock and very stable. Not as flashy or speedy as a whaler or other outboard. Heading out they blow by me. Heading in in rougher seas I pass them. While it is wet I have canvas so I stay dry.
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220 Predator, rides like a much bigger boat. I keep the canvas up as the wind will blow spray. 16-21knt comfortable cruise in most conditions. 3100-3600RPM. 8-10 gph. +-.

Cheers and get a survey.

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