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Default Re: EZ2CY vs. Strataglass

In speaking with a local shop here in So. Cal. yesterday, they use a product called Barrett Bonded Windows on the high end boats which from what they say appears to be a similar to EZ2CY. Has anyone heard of this? Looks impressive from the webside but I have no personal experience with it. Thanks.
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Default Re: EZ2CY vs. Strataglass

There are two basic types of Rigid enclosures Polycarbonate and EZ2CY (Impact Modified Acrylic). Polys like Makrolon and Rainier enclosures do OK in the northern climates, but suffer greatly in the southern climates, they will over time yellow and craze . Another problem with them is if you use polarized sunglasses you will see rainbows when you look through them. Often interfering with a Captain's ability to see fish.
EZ2CY is not as bullet proof like the polys, but with the new formula (around 4 years ago) it is 10 times more impact resistant than the previous clear product. EZ2CY does not yellow or craze in any climate. If you do get minor scratches they can buff them out, extending the life of your enclosure whereas this is not possible with Ranier or Makrolon.
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Originally Posted by spearfish3 View Post
Ant1's comment about EZ2CY is true as it happened to my friend in a bad storm. Granted, they were in some serious weather, but their captain hated EZ2CY after that. They were told that they have since changed the formula so that it will not splinter or shatter.

In any case, I would check to see when the forumla change was made (if it was) before buying, but there is no doubt that EZ2CY is great for clarity. The shattering may be in isolated instances, but it can happen.

Good Luck.
EZ2CY has a 10 year warranty although I don't know the specifics.
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EZ2CY will crack if you bend it too much. I know, I did it, my fault. It is terrific stuff; we use it for our large aft deck enclosure and wouldn't think of using anything else. It does require proper maintenance. I have been (briefly) on boats on the west coast using the Barrett stuff and it also looked great. Seems like you see them out west vs,. EZ2CY back east.

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ez2cy was the innovator and their patent is up, they use aprocess where they sandwich the Macralon between the stamoid or whatevr, Barrett enclosures uses the same stuff just a different way of bonding, the stuff the fella was talking about being just Macrolon is the same stuff just a little thinner soi it can be sewn thru. It is a little more bendable for contour and all this stuff is basically the same and it has UV in it,
PS you can bend this stuff in a press brake and do some pretty trick stuff with it as I built a carrier for my macaw with it and it is holding up great
hope this helps
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Originally Posted by ClassicGuy View Post
The enclosure on my boat was done with EZ2CY forward and Strataglass on the side and aft curtains. The difference in clarity is quite noticeable. The EZ2CY panel is practically invisible when it is clean. The Statraglass is very clear, but you know it is there.
I have the same exact layout and agree on all ends.

If it wasnt for the price of EZ2CY I would've done my sides as well. Could only afford my front window for now. The price difference between the 2 are HUGE.

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Default differences in Enclosures

Please note that EZ2CY does not use the same products as Barrett! EZ2CY is not a polycarbonate.

There are many differences in enclosures! Polycarbonates scratch very easily so coatings are used such as AR used in Barrett/Raineer/Makrolon. Hard coatings used for scratch resistance are not meant for flexing applications and can delaminate causing vertical crazing particularly in curved panels. Another problem with coatings is that scratches that do occur are permanent and cannot be buffed out like EZ2CY can. Polycarbonates start out with about a 89% light transmittance and deteriorate fairly rapidly turning yellow while EZ2CY starts out at 92%, will not change by more than 5% in 5 years and will not yellow.

In addition to the problematic “rainbow” effect naturally found in polycarbonates a starburst type effect occurs in sewn product at each puncture of the needle.

EZ2CY is more than just a clear product. All dealers are truly certified and must use Lifetime thread, UV resistant zippers, etc in the fabrication. The difference is in the details and to numerous to mention. A booklet details all materials available can be found at the EZ2CY web site. Yes it is expensive, but it is a value. Is it more expensive than Barrett/Raineer? Typically the price is very close and the real cost is less.

I had EZ2CY on my 40 post and it looked new after 12 years. I have it on my 54’ Egg we stretched to 57 and we love it.
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I had 5 EZ2CY clears installed above my windshield on 3 sides about 15 yrs ago and it is still great. I generally leave them closed but they can be unzipped and essentially hinged at the top zipper to swing up flat and get turn-snapped to the top frame in horizontal position to eliminate rolling.

Pretty expensive install and worth every penny. So glad I made that choice .

I have Stratoglas panels in the aft curtains where it is more appropriate to roll them up. Stratoglas is good, but nothing like the EZ2CY for true quality in very long-lasting clears. I use mainly 210 & 210Plus to maintain it.
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