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Default Buffing/polishing raw stainless steel

I'm making a face frame for something.
It's raw 316 grade stainless angle and flat bar.
Going to make a face frame for a door, mitering corners and tig weld w/stainless rod.
After welding corners, grind and sand welds, I want to buff/polish the stainless to a shine.
Any suggestions ???

This is Not something I'm trying to restore a shine, it's raw stainless.
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Default RE: Buffing/polishing raw stainless steel

Stainless polished very well. After it is completely machined, get it passivated and then have it polished. There are lots of places that do polishing. Any place that does chrome will be able to recommend someone.
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Default Re: Buffing/polishing raw stainless steel

Here's a piece of billet I just finished. It weighs 47#. We took a piece of end cut from a mill, turned it to get it round then wrote a cnc program to put the dome on.

Polishing was done with 400 800 1000 papers,Mothers power compound and a fast and slow buffing wheel.
It's about 60% complete in this pic.
Polishing is all in the prep, getting welds smoothed and not going to polish untill you've really worked the piece for smoothness.
Have fun.

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Default Re: Buffing/polishing raw stainless steel

There is a white colored hard paste compound made specially for polishing stainless. It is applied to a dense "felt" or cloth buffing wheel. The wheel mounted on a grinder is best if you han hold the part. You can use smaller felt wheels in a drill or on an angle grinder. Works best at 1800 RPM's usually.

(It works similar to jewlers rouge, but has a different abraisive in the paste that is much harder.)

Most any good tool supply store can get the compound. You might want to google Stainless steel polishing compound.

(Works great on a stainless prop thats been scored by sand or dirt. Sand with fine 220 grit paper then polish out.)
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