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Default BOAT FAX??

Is their such thing available or someone can start up and get rich. I'm thinking along the lines of entering the hull number and finding out about accidents, sinkings, owners, if used for commercial and so on.
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Default RE: BOAT FAX??

Try "Google"

"There may or may not be a problem with the boat you've selected" to join? [img]../images/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img]

The problem is there may not be anydata on damaged boats that are repaired by owners and those trying to unload sunken or water damaged boats.

It requires an accidentreport or insurance claim to enter the data base. May be of use for loan problems, but not worth it to me.

The data that comesOUT is only as good as the data that goes IN. Classic computer dilema.......Oh, and yet another way to spend a few bucks.
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Default Re: BOAT FAX??

Yeah, it's offered to "lookers" on the boat-trader-online site as well.
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