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Default Pirates sharks BVI

duplicate post
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Default Re: Pirates sharks BVI

BVI's are very safe and sharks are not a problem. Read not too long ago that there have been only four unprovoked shark attacks in the Virgin Islands in the past 100 years. Petty theft is probably the biggest crime and IMO the US Virgin Islands are worst then the BVIs. The typical bare boat routes are well travelled. Used to spend some time on Vigin Gorda and we never locked our doors, in fact one of the houses only had screens for windows....
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Default Re: Pirates sharks BVI

My wife used to work for one of the big accounting firms and had to spend 3 months in St Thomas. Well that pretty much meant that I got to live there too but I flew back to Ft Lauderdale for 3 days a week to take care of the house and get some work done.

In that 3 months we didn't have one single problem with crime, though we did live in a condo on a cliff over looking the ocean in a locals neighborhood. Maybe the crime is worse in the tourist areas. But we spent a lot of time in Charlette Amile which is touristy with no issues.
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Default RE: Pirates sharks BVI

I have lived on St. thomas for more than ten years and have had no problems with crime and I have never heard of any shark attacks on any of the Islands. Most of the crime here and in the BVI is by bad guys against bad guys. Don't believe the hype that there is no crime in the BVI, you should be just as cautious there as anywere. Leave your expensive jewelry, watches etc, at home, lock up your boat when ashore, don't get drunk and argue with locals and keep your eye on your dingy if you're towing one, they're an easy and frequent target for scumbags on any Island. When anchoring and snorkeling, be sure to mind the Coral, it can mess you up and any contact will kill it. Check out the bareboat forums on the web, these folks have a ton of info and love to share it when they get home and finish shoveling their driveways. Most of all enjoy it, the Virgin Islands (US, British and Spanish) are a beautiful place, your kids will remember this trip for the rest of there lives. Here is a view of the BVI from my house.
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Default Re: Pirates sharks BVI

Agree with most of what has been said except shark attacks. There has been shark attacks and one of them occured in the late 50s or early 60s. It was a Navy man swimming on the north side of STT and a shark killed him. The shark was caught and the head sent to SJU on its way to the US for analizing etc. I was the Captain of the flight that it was sent. Also it was all over the newspapers in STT.

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Default It's crime and filth ridden, but still manages to be beautiful

I lived on Cabrita Point in St Thomas in the 80's and worked in the Yacht Charter/Detail field. I also travel the VI or BVI every so often. Was on Anegada for two weeks last November, and briefly in St Thomas.

St Thomas negatives: St Thomas is a crime ridden, filthy, filled with cars way past capacity, taxi drivers who are modern day pirates, trash covered, don't want to go out at night so you won't get stabbed, third world island. Your on your own there if something happens. The hospital was notorious for b people bleeding to death. Every person I knew who was living on the island (not native) carried an air ambulance insurance policy. As it is a territory do not expect any consular help. The police are lazy and have a largely impossible job. As you walk Charlotte Amalie in the p.m. (if your brave enough to walk the back street) you will be offered drugs. Charlotte Amalie is a cheap, jewelry store filled, downtown geared to prey upon Cruise Ship customers. Almost all locals leave doors of cars unlocked as if it is locked your likely to have a window broken.

St John used to be the gem of the VI. Now it is over developed. St John has had a ton of bad press regarding the reverse racism. I talked to a cruising friend who lives off and on in St Croix and the skinny is the rastas from St Croix moved to St John to basically stir up trouble. And Trunk Bay is now polluted with cruise ship tourists and has lost it's charm. Do not go to a bar or club at night as you have a good chance of being stabbed or robbed.

Now for the positive. The beaches are awesome and the water truly inviting. The natives who are nice are really incredible people with warm hearts. If you stick to the daytime spots 99% chance you will be fine. You can bring 6 liters back duty free . The lush jungle like setting is pretty neat, and looking out watching the float planes land and take off from Charolette Amalie harbor is a sight to see. The diving is incredible, basically nothing better. The cruising is very good, with lots of little bars/restraunts catered to cruiser (Foxy's as an example).

The BVI is really where it's at. I can't say good enough things about Anegada. ZERO crime. Wide open beaches and a chance to walk for miles down the beach with no one but flamingos to keep you company.

Whatever you do if you take some basic precautions you'll be fine. Hope I did not slam St Thomas too badly, but it's my impression of the place.
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Default RE: Pirates sharks BVI

Over the years, since 1962, I've seen plenty of sharks in the VI. They are usually found downtown at night. If you look for trouble anywhere, you'll find it.
Back to the subject of the sharks with fins, No Problems Here Man
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Default Re: Pirates sharks BVI

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Default RE: Pirates sharks BVI

Not sure about the BVI, but it's not easy to just move here and get a Government job,
unless of course you are related to someone in charge.
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