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Check out
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The 273 is one of my most favorite running Grady's. I have put them through some pretty crazy stuff. Very trailerable too.
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Originally Posted by mmm7mmm View Post
I'm looking at a 2005 273 Chase with yama 15o 4 strokes,
how does yours plane off and what is cruise and top speed in mph?


I think I provided the cruise and WOT speed above.

I have no problem getting the boat up on plane easily, even with our "offshore" load of five people, 200+ lbs of ice, full offshore trolling spread, full deep-dropping gear, full fuel and water, etc, etc.

Boat is fine with F150s. Also nice with Suzuki DF175s, or Yamaha 200HPDI. One of our club members has a 273 with twin F250s, and I think 55mph is just a bit fast..

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I don't know if you could find one in your price range, but the Tournament 275 is a very versatile and comfortable family boat that fishes quite well. A buddy has one in the Keys with a pair of F250's and we run 25 off Dolphin fishing, dive with a Brownie and go to dinner with the girls that night.. The extra shade from the hardtop is bonus down here.. It has a head as well. I tested a 275 with twin F150's and it performed admirably. The 250's will touch 57mph. The hull is capable offshore in reasonable seas.. < 6'.

I was never a fan of dual console boats, but changed my mind after fishing this hull. The 27 Grady CC's don't have a large enough cockpit IMO. The Tournament models have a dance-floor aft. You cannot fish 360* like a CC. The glass enclosure would be a bonus in cooler climes. Grady is very proud of their boats though.

Good luck in your search.
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The 2000 and 2001 263 Chase are essentially the same boats as the 273 Chase. The 273 has the live well in the back, and has an electronic instrumentation cover. That being said, here is a review by Powerboat Reports, perhaps the only publication worth relying on.

What Powerboat Reports had to say, they are sadly gone, probably because they took no advertising $. But it was a very good publication.

Perhaps PowerBoat Reports, August 2001 can be the judge:

Grady White put a lot of thought into this boat. We liked the uncluttered helm arrangement, the deep cockpit, overbuilt hardware, insulated lockers, urethane-bonded hull-to-deck joint, and the price-yes, the price. Usually Grady Whites sit at the very top of the price list. To our surprise, the $74,840.00 Chase 263 is less than the Regulator, Contender and Pursuit, although the Pursuit includes a forward cuddy.

Considering the market, the 263 is an excellent value that more than holds it's own against the competition.

Value Guide: 1 = poor, 5 =excellent

Overall utility 4
Overall apperance 5
High speed performance 4
low speed performance 4
Seaworthiness 4
Construction 4
Hull integrity 4
Exterior finish 5
interior fit/finish 5
Ease of maint/repair 4
Passenger seating 5
anchor storage5
fore and side decks 4
cockpit 4
Head 3
Helm Station
seating comfort 4
sightlines 4
instrumeation 3.5
ergonomics 4

Source: POWERBOAT Volume 14, number 8 , August 2001


This 27 foot center console lives up to the Grady name, with a tough hull, thoughtful deck layout and superb fit and finish. And compared to the competition, it's reasonably priced.
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