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Default Egg Harbor problems

I am starting my search for a late 80's to early 90's Egg Harbor 37 - 41 footer. I am looking for tips on what to look for and look OUT for.
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Default Re: Egg Harbor problems

My Dad has a 1989 35 sport fish model - stay away from gas models, the engines work too hard and don't last. He hasn't had any major issues, the boat is put together well, the gel coat looks great still, no blisters last time he hauled it, the wiring hasn't had any shorts, the systems all work - a/c, gen, water, etc. And no creaks and groans while underway, very solid feeling boat.

As with any boat, get a complete survey before purchasing. The Eggs have that classic Jersey look, I personally love the lines and style. They are heavy too, built better than most of the other Jersey brands (except maybe Viking). His flybridge is big and real functional, lots of room to get in and out of the helm chairs and a nice bench in front, lots of visability.

Good luck with your search - hope this helped.
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Default Re: Egg Harbor problems

I have a 1989 35' Sportfish with gas engines. They like to burn the gas but I'm on the Mississippi River so I'm mostly just cruising. Very solid boat, very heavily built. They were originally built with a formica bulkhead (pretty sure) which most of the time rots. The previous owner of my boat re-glassed it and made the door a swing type as opposed to slider. The 35's have massive cockpits but some other larger (and the 33) have small cockpits that don't look proportionate to the rest of the boat.
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Default Re: Egg Harbor problems

I love Eggs. I use to cruise an old 37' wood. Just a great boat. I figure I am just one more boat away from a 37-42 egg.

Here is what I got for you; Nice and heavy (not as sinker, but tough), well built, Very roomy for their length ... Also, they age well. Look at a golden egg from say 88' they could still be coming off the floor they look that good. Not all brands can do that. Look at a Bert (nothing against Bert's people...) But I can tell you what decade they are from just by glancing at it.

But - The 80's early 90's Eggs have only one problem that seems to concern me which is that they have a ton of glass supporting the flybridge. Great view, yet. Not always strong enough though . Apparently this is not always an issue, but look around the tops of the windows from the inside and look for stress cracks. This could indicate excessive flexing which may have to be addressed.

What a lot of older owners have done (and all new Eggs are this way) is they glass over the front windows. Its a great fix. It adds a lot of rigidity to the boat, makes it safer in rough conditions, and updates the boats look dramatically. You can probably have this done for about 6-10k depending on where its done.

I wont get into the Gas vs. Diesel discussion. The advantages of diesel are obvious. You will pay extra, but factor that into resale / maintenance/ fuel cost/ and you'll be paying more for less headaches in the future. There are a lot of both out there.

I'm a big Egg Harbor fan. Sure they have flaws, every boat does. Get a good one and enjoy having a great riding , great looking boat.
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