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Best and worst boat names.

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There's a guy in my marina with an older Sea Ray or Rinker called " What's Up Beaches". Laughed my ass off!
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Default Funny

The best I've ever seen was BOATWEISER
The worst ANNA L
or maybe it was other ways around. ....LOL
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My favorite: Capital Punishment

Saw a funny boat name recently, it had 'Morning Wood' on the transom.
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For years I have been threatening to replace our commuter boat with a small sportfish with plenty of teak and call it the "Classy Hooker". We need a tender to get on and off our mooring at our island place, so naturally the tender would be the "Cheap Oar".

My wife has requested I not follow through on this but I really can't make any promises.
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Saw a guy in a massive yacht deal hogging up the entire channel the other day and I turn to my brother in law and say, "Look at this f-in guy!' As he passes we both look back and it reads "Yeah, you're right"

Well played sir.
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Brothers Wayne and Vinny had a beautiful 41 Scarborough called Wavin
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Story is that a guy I met in the Bahamas was agonizing over names for his new boat. To every suggestion he responded with "nice, but ....". Mother-in-law filled in name on registry papers. Boat is now called "Nice Butt".
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There was a bat in CA owned by a dentist named "2th DR"
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My boat was already named "Artemis", greek goddess of the hunt. I like it so didn't change it.
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Some guido on the sound was cruising in an older sea ray called "Stugots"
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Originally Posted by pastaman1234 View Post
There was a boat on the Jersey shore in the 90's called "Joey butta-fluke-o"
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Kind of proud of mine. I’m a retired Marine. Boat’s called “Marine Life”.
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Reel Phuckin Nauti

Like every other boat built has this ridiculous half witted name.
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Boat in Falmouth named "Peskank", and it looks it!
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Our first boat was a sunfish. We were probably 10-12 years old. We named it "We like it"!
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Here ya' go--my new rig. retirement present to self and wife. they don't know whether to laugh or put me on suicide watch

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Thinking about naming my Formula "Bronski" because it's a motor boat.
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Seanile CRS
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There's a boat in our nearby public marina that has me giggling like a 12 year old every time I see it...It's called "Snort 'N Snapper"....Can't figure that one out for the life of me...
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Originally Posted by DrJim View Post
Ive seen a similar one.. A$$ Master.

There is a "muff diver" I have seen.

Usually anything starting with "Reel" is lame but I like that "Reel Jerk"
The original “Muff Diver” is sunk off Ocean City, MD. There is a new “Muff Diver” charter in Ocean City now. Both are pink.
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