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Best and worst boat names.

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My old boat came with the name "Organized Confusion." We kept it because it fit our family perfectly. New boat is "Island Fever."
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I knew a guy who was a bit of a show-off, with a go-fast floating penis who named his, Nobody Move And Nobody Gets Hurt...

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There is a gastro doctor here and his boats name is "BOW MOVEMENT" lol
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Default Best and Worst boat names

I seen one once that had "XXX"

3 Exes.....
When he gets divorced for the 4th time all he has to do is add another "X"

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My boat is named "Tellin Lies"

My buddy just named his "the other woman"
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My first boat, a 17 Mako with a 110 Johnson: "Rippler"

New boat Cobalt 272: "No Reserve" (we both work for The Fed)
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A urologist named his "Big Nut" my neighbor, a windy, named his "Happy Sails" (like the Roy Rodgers' song)
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I named mine " Out of the Phog". We are from Kansas and KU plays its home games at Phog Allen Field House.
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Default Inspired from a Stooges episode

The Hoi Polloi
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We named ours 'Nauti Fish' my last name is Fish. Might confuse people since it's a bowrider and not a fishing boat, since they don't know my last night, but we like it.

Our other choice was 'Fish Outta Water'.
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We were at a boat show and met a new salesman that had yet to make his first sale. He cut immediately to a wonderfully low price and offered any option we wanted at dealer cost. We named the boat "Simply Irresistible". Below the boat name placed the slogan "She's so fine there's no telling where the money went". After ten years of use we still love our FourWinns 255.
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A friends previous sail boat was "Rubbin Bottom" Always gave me a chuckle.

I have 2 boats. One is "temporary insanity" and one is "permanent insanity" Only problem is that I still haven't sold temporary insanity hahaha!
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I always wanted to name mine this
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Haven't read all 45 pages so it might have already been named but I saw one named. Tattooed White Trash!
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Uncle runs a dairy.

Boat's called Milk Money
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Salty Seamen
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Farfrumbehavin , Missbehavin, Mackerel.Com, Reelin in the years, My kids tuition, Insufficient Funds We use the first name. He was a Dachshund, His house name was Spunky, he was with us for 13 yrs, we still miss him, he loved being on the boat as much as we do.
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Looking back over the names there is no shortage of tasteless names. Guess the owners think they are being clever. Things like 'Master Baiter'. No shortage of very common names too & names with 'reel' or 'knot' in them. 'Time off', 'Reel Action', or how many 'Other Woman' are there out there? Then there are the ones that are so long you can't imagine them being used on the radio in an emergency.

Do like the ones that are humorous in a decent way, refer to ones proffession or are a play on their own name. Things like a multi engined go fast, 'Passing Gas' or a rather nice yacht, 'Costa Mucho', the Petty family with a boat named 'Petty Cash', a lawyer with a boat named 'Evidence'.

Why do cat owners have to have a name that somehow refers to the 2 hulls?
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Default Saw this nice on docked in the C&D Canal

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For our new boat "Simply Irresistible". Simply(no pun intended) because we were looking at a 20'6" foot and ended up in a 24'6" version. Great song also !!

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