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Best and worst boat names.

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Originally Posted by Jus Teasin View Post
If I was a gambling plumber, I would name my boat " Busted Flush".
That was Travis McGee's boat! I like Squirting Seamen. ,Bust A Knot, Filthy Oar , the wet spot, fish smell, shooting chum......
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We saw a boat in North Florida two weekends ago called "Breakin Wind"...and it still makes me laugh :-)
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One of my daughters is nicknamed Casie, short for Cassandra. We are kind of musical and I came up with "Cay of Sea". But to circumvent possible jealousy from other siblings, I am naming it "SCHMETTERLING"

Dutch for butterfly. LOL

I also like "DIAPASON" In organ music it means played without stops, or wide open
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My first name starts with a D and I have a very stressful job and my Gfriend calls me a ball of stress. Boat name is D Stress.
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Originally Posted by nlkent View Post
I know someone who's wife wanted to name their boat "Dolphin Spirit"
i have to see as reading through this thread this one really made me laugh!!!!!!!!
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Saw a boat the other day that warrants a post. Sorry if it has already been mentioned.

The name was "Fillet-Show"

Still makes me laugh.
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Propgods listed mine earlier in this thread, Village Idiots. My pontoon is Village Idiots 2. It had the title for gayest name ever when I bought it, Baby Kitten. I have a 24 foot Carolina Skiff now that I call Flat Bottom Girl, although I have not put the name on it. I was pretty bummed last year when I saw another skiff with the name already,
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...lobster boat named
Mary B. Quiet

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I had a boat once inrebuilt a d installed a 8ball shift knob. So came the new name 8 ball
Had it parked outside my shop. One day a customer came in a d asked me who the drug dealer was
Name:  8_ball_inside.jpg
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Then the motor seized and i changed the name back to original
Hot water.
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Originally Posted by MikeM8560 View Post
I had a boat once inrebuilt a d installed a 8ball shift knob.
Ive read that about 10 times and still cant work out what its meant to say
Once of us might be on the sauce maybe
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My rig spends most of it's time on Lake Minnetonka so I had to call it "Tonka Toy" is offline  
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Theres a skiff in the lower jeys called "El 3 men 2" (el tremendo)
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Default Absolutly true

There is a shipping line, and I think its registered in Singapore. The name of the company is Titan. Its ships are named after planets. Imagine being the radio operator of the ship Uranus. your call sign: Titan Uranus, Titan Uranus Titan Uranus are you recieving over. Check it out, its on the Web.
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My Dixe wrecked

Give it a minute.
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I saw the best at my marina yesterday - a mortician friend of mine - "lucky stiffs"
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If you have a 17 or 18' inshore boat, "taint", because... It taint to big and itaint to small.
Or I think bow movement is hilarious.
Saw a boat day names " My $ bitch III"
Salty mouthful" is up there
"Redfish Reaper"
Poverty sucks on a sporty is funny
Buddies have a 60'+ cabo named reel grace, down in satellite beach. It actually looked really good on that boat.
What about " Reel Addiction" ?
Charter here is Knot@Work, I always liked that.
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Saw this beauty in Canada:

Name:  photo-7.jpg
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On a charter boat back in the 70's...

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"Knot Reel Original"

best yet ironically the worst.
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to be honest I read thru 10 pages of this thread and cant recall a single name that didnt make me cringe. There are some great names out there though for sure.

One thing that may be different down under to you guys is that we use Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) alot for logging on and off, usually retired older people.
And these people dont feel comfortable calling a vessel named "Dixie wrecked" and "Fat slut" sort of names.

Also having names that are unpronouncable or un-spellable-when your boat flips and a search is going on but no-one knows how to spell or pronounce your boat name (worse still gets it wrong!) you'll likely be wishing it was called "Nautilus" instead of "Gerupadopolous" or something like that!
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