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Best and worst boat names.

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I have a 27' grady white...I have yet to name her after 5 years...however, I did buy a t-top storage bag for the bow side of the t-top and in large letters it says "T-Bag"

Being 48 and not up on the s. fla lingo, I was coonfused why other boats would drive by and all would point and laugh...probably assuming that was also the name of my boat...

Recently I was with my girlfriend and some friends - one was gay - and after hearing a joke, I learned why people are laughing at the name...
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Originally Posted by bigjimmie View Post
wet dream(s)
feng shui ?
nauti boy
Feng Shui is Chinese for Wind and Water

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Comfortably numb.
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Being an avid rabbit hunter and working with close tolerances at work, my choice for my new (to me) Grady was ....

"Sea-Hare".......but the SWMBO thought different......
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I know the "knot" thing is overplayed, but I thought "salty knots" was pretty good.
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I'm sure this is on here somewhere but saw one awhile back called "BASS TO MOUTH"... I got a good laugh at that one
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There's a boat down in shellmans bluff, ga called 'sea Alice'. I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it.
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Best name I've ever seen is 'TUNA JIHAD'
Was the World Cat the boys who run Bloodydecks had.
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" Fish and Chicks"
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Haven't named her yet as I just had her delivered, but my boat will be named "Unc's Leg-a-Sea", named after my uncle who taught me boating.

Problem is, my boat is ice blue, so I can already see people confusing the name with some love-affair with the University of North Carolina. Oh well.
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Originally Posted by amarshall View Post
Took this picture off Provincetown MA one day.... I laughed.

From a few pages back.

Two guys fishing in a small skiff, rainbow flag flying and "Ruff Riders" on the side of the boat.
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Like one that was posted earlier I, too, saw a boat named "Myassis Dragon".
I have also seen boats named: "The Endless Expense" and "My Paychecks"
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Here's my last two 290 Sundancers. I have a Chaparral 29 now and considering "another dirt oar"

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This is my friends boat. He keeps it behind my house. He's superstitious and is afraid to change the name that was on his boat when he bought it. One day before we go out on the boats, I'm going to stick a large "VA" in front of the name that's on there.
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" Whisper "on the transom of a sailboat, "sshhhhh" on the side of it's tender.
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Default I think I'll name my 266 World Cat This:


That was Rodney Dangerfield's (Al Czervik's) boat name in "Caddyshack".
"Move over Swanson, I'm driving!" See the boat name at :26

With a We're in the Money horn on it too.

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Knot Sea
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Default boat name

Nanr Pudn
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Just named my new one: NOT 2 NIGHT
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On a go-fast, one for the bad dept.

Passin' Gas
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