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Best and worst boat names.

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Worst: My Mayday - That lasted until the guy called someone on Ch 16.
One of my previous boats: Mental D Fish and Sea. First task performed after tying up in my slip after purchase was to get the can of Easy Off applied pronto.
Best: A Carolina skiff called Flat Bass Turd.
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Originally Posted by Hollowpoint44 View Post
I Can Sea

Years ago, I was blinded in a chemical explosion and was told it was permanent.
While learning braille and all those other fun things, a doctor at Mass. Eye & Ear
wanted to try an experiment.

My answer, "Why not, what do I have to loose?"

Look for me around Boston Harbor, this summer.
Awesome story! Enjoy!
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A 16 ft flats boat called Flat Busted!
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Local boat called FAR-CANAL, kind of fitting as every second word that comes from the guys mouth is the f bomb, also have seen far-Q and far-Q2 (must be Aussie humor)


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best boat name. G. Willie Make it. outta old harbor block island, old downeast fishing boat..
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An Iraqi salesman in our Marina has a boat named ....

Aziz Nowarranty
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Originally Posted by Fluka Brasi View Post
A rubber inflatable with the name "Condom"
When I was in grad school I had an Avon inflatable that I used to fish out of. My graduate adviser referred to it as the "Condom Craft". That boat was fun - I could fish just about anywhere - from lakes to the gulf (on a nice day).

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Steel fabrication company so Whatta Steel.
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There's so many awesome names, but they're dependant on the type of boat they adorn...

But, the worst, it actually a friend of mine's boat.

I think he was a fan of that old chesnut, "Far Canal"... but wanted to be original and "unique".

And thankfully it is unique, it's crass and completely cringworthy, and to be honest, embarrassing. In huge two foot high letters down the side of his 30' Powercat is...


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Buddy had a boat named "Skeezer Pleazer"
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There is only one that I think is horrible and it's called the "STU GOTZ"!
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Quitcha Bitchin'
Sum Beach
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2 Best---Endtuition and Momma's $ Money
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steamin seamen
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Buddy had a drag boat called "suckin' gas and haulin' a$$"
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my friend has a 11' with a 15 hp. called "cheap hooker"
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My last boat was a 23 sea craft that came with the name Screaming in 10 in letters on the side. A long drinking weekend, it became Creamin on Saturday, then Reamin on Sunday. that was a rough Monday!
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A friends boat is nammed "Dea Latis." Dea Latis is known as the goddess of water and beer
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