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Best and worst boat names.

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Casting Couch
Scale Tipper
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A co-worker had a sailboat he named "blow me".
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small center console in Wrightsville Beach: Bob on This!
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tie one on
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The best I've seen came out of Suwannee, FL titled "Her Diamond". Requires a little thought at first but the man's got his priorities in order.
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My Boat: Mistress, as in "he is out with the Mistress".

My Brother's Boat: Defish'nsea
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Great thread. Going through this dilemma right now as I try to name the new boat. Wife wants "Angler Management", which I'm not a fan of. I see a few people listed it here in the 'worst' category.

Interesting that several people liked 'Hemingway's Whiskey'. I want to name the boat 'Me Poteen'. Poteen is Irish moonshine. Good for getting you drunk but also good for whatever ails you. This is the feeling I get when on the boat. Anybody like (or hate) it?
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I seen one that said "mistress"
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My bassin' boat;

'all men are bastards'
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Wife and I named our boat "Sea Sharp".

Has two meanings:

One for me as I'm a developer and program in the C# language.

Two, wife is a Professor of Piano and C# is a music note (for those not musical).

Works for both of us.
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The best I've seen was actually in Boating magazine and described my first couple years on the Merrimack river; this river rips. I would have named my boat this had I seen it in time.

Frantically Relaxing
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My next boat I am going to name " puss and boots " That is one bad A$$ cat !
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My buddy once had an idea that Super Duper Grouper Trooper would be an awesome name. I tried to tell him it was the best name I had ever heard and that he should make it big and flashy. I couldnt wait for him to plaster that awful name on his boat... but he never did....

He also liked Lobster Mobster. I guess he likes to rhyme...
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Saw a great one the other day: "Don't Panic", but written upside down!

Not sure what the Coast Guard will say when they see it, though...
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One of my favorites I saw at the white marlin open. One dude, solo, came through the marina amongst all the million dollar rigs in a total pos tri-hull that was about 19'. Down the side it said
"fishin mo-fo"..
Damn that was funny...
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Bouy Toy, Chum Dumpster, Hook Line and Stinker, Just the Tip, Conch Holster....
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My brother-in-law had a deli and named his boat "Sandwich Money" I once saw a Hatteras named "Mad Hatter"
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I Can Sea

Years ago, I was blinded in a chemical explosion and was told it was permanent.
While learning braille and all those other fun things, a doctor at Mass. Eye & Ear
wanted to try an experiment.

My answer, "Why not, what do I have to loose?"

Look for me around Boston Harbor, this summer.
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My wife wanted to name our boat 'Dream Kitchen', so I promised her I would put a new kitchen and she decided on 'Rogue Wave'. She says its named after me. I am not sure if it is a compliment or insult.
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