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Default Impeller - Optimax

Just how often do you change the impeller? How do you decide it is time change the impeller, assuming all to be well? The Optimax is two years old with 125 hours and is used in salt water. Be gentle.

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Default RE: Impeller - Optimax

i recomend to all my customers every two years. opinions are gonna vary on this im sure.
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Default RE: Impeller - Optimax

Keep an eye on the water pressure if you have the smartcraft gauges. The specs can be found for the psi for the corresponding rpms. And of course the temp. Mine is very prone to overheating and I have read on this site and other sites that this is not rare. I generally go no more than 1 full season on the same impellar. If the temp starts get out of hand I change it out.
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Default Re: Impeller - Optimax

while we are on the subject of optimaxes , what about head gaskets, I had mine done at 157 hours , motors sat for 2 years , redid the starbord motor mid summer at 290 hours, change housing and all not just impeller. might have had a dry quick start
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Default Re: Impeller - Optimax

I did mine with only 75 hours but the engine had sat on the boat in the dealer yard a while before we got it. I noticed a drop in water pressure on the last use last season (two seasons of low use). I installed a new impeller and gasket kit and the pressure is back to normal and --yes--the old impeller had taken a set and was no longer flexible. I figure they should be good for a two seasons or about 70-100 hours use. I imagine that our boat set awhile did no good. Perhaps with more frequent use it would have lasted more hours. There was no reason to replace the housing--it looked 100%.
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Default RE: Impeller - Optimax

I just had an overheating problem with my 2003 Merc 200 EFI. The impeller and housing was changed exactly 2 yrs ago and had about 175 hrs on it. I put a new impeller and housing in and although the old one still looked like new, it did seem a little hard. All I know is it fixed my problem but you never would have thought the old pump was bad by looking at it.
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