2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

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Default 2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

Seem my engine, for the speed is running at higher rpms. Boat is a 2002 Sea Hunt Victory (cuddy cabin).

The sweet spot, Good cruizin speed, is around 28-30kt, and rpms are around 4600-4800. At WOT I'm hitting 5600 rpm at just over 40 kts.

Seems the rpms at WOT are ok, but seem a little high at the cruizing speed.

I have a 14X19 SS prop. It came with a 13.5 X 16 aluminum prop and struggled getting on problem planing with the SS prop.

I guess the prop can make a huge difference. From what I've read, seems the rpms at cruising speed should be around 3800-4000.

Any thoughts?
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Default Re: 2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

what size boat and what specific motor do you have.

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Default RE: 2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

Depending on your final drive ratio, that sounds like a lot of slip.

Find your drive ratio and use this calculator and tell us what you get

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Default Re: 2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

Here are my stats:
23' CC with 2000 ox66 250hp
~5000lbs loaded
Cruise is 4100-4300 @ 30-32mph
WOT is 5500 @ 49mph

It's a 19pitch SS, but I will have to measure the width. I burn a little less than 2mpg. that is rough hand calculations as i dont have a fuel management.
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Default RE: 2001 Yamaha OX66 RPMs

My boat stats for comparison:

Boat: Parker 21' Center Console
Motor: Yamaha 200 hp Saltwatewr Series

Cruising Speed: 30 mph @ 4000 rpm's per GPS
Top Speed: 46 mph @ 5600pm's

Prop: Standard Black Aluminum Yamaha Prop
Size: 14 x 17
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