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Reel Screamer 07-26-2002 05:58 AM

Having some difficulty matching the Yamaha paint for my cowling. All the paints from the Marine Stores are either too dark, or too light. Has any one been able to match it? If so, what kind and shade did the trick?

Reel Screamer

gbutler 07-26-2002 08:03 AM

reel screamer,

dont know about your engine but on my 2002 i scratched the skeg. Yamaha uses a two part paint and found a match only using the yamaha paint that i got from my local dealer.

it's expencive 28 bucks for the 2 cans but the motor looks new again.


HotRod 07-26-2002 08:06 AM


Don't count on being able to match that paint. I had my '01 225 in for service a few months ago and the dealer somehow scratched the cowling. They ordered paint from Yamaha, wrong color, they ordered it again, wrong color. They had a local paint dealer match it, you guessed it, wrong color.

They bought me a new cowling; it's slightly different than the rest of the motor but not noticeable.

If your as anal as I am I would say don’t mess with it, if it’s to late for that I would say take it to a pro with a good paint booth that may be able to blend it.

Good Luck,


The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli! (George Costanza)

Joe 07-26-2002 09:19 AM

I'm with the other guys here-I have purchased two different makes of paint (Tempo and a no-name yamaha specified paint) and neither one matches the lower unit on my C115.

This has been yet another complaint of my Yamaha-is it that hard to make available a paint code to actually match the thing? It seems like they could license it to a 3rd party and make even more money.

Fishhawk II 07-26-2002 12:58 PM

gbutler.......can you give manufactures name and part numbers of the paint?? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

SilverSurfer 07-26-2002 01:40 PM

my dealer is ordering the paint direct from the manufacturer(paint that is). I'll know what it is when I get it. I'm supposed to use DTPPG reducer, and 2042 clearcoat. My small repair(2002 F225) will be a "blend" style repair. My guess is PPG is the manufacturer.

warthog5 07-26-2002 01:44 PM

Take the cowl to your neighborhood auto paint store. They have a machine that can read the paint and come up with a forumla that will match. Of corse you will have to spray it, and then there is decal replacement. Trying to tape off the stripes will result in a heavy line around them. It look's like crap. May I suggest PPG Concept for a brand. This is not cheap to do. $45.00 for qt of paint and then $20.00 for reducer. Guessing $150.00 for stripes. How bad do you want it to match now? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

gbutler 07-26-2002 01:58 PM

fish hawk will look for whats left in the garage and post what i find

Reel Screamer 07-26-2002 06:55 PM

Yes I am pretty anal about the condition of my boat. I am only trying to repair(touch up ) a couple of minor scratches. When the Yamaha cowling is scratched, it shows as white, must scratch all the way down to the raw fiberglass. If any one comes up with a touch up paint color that matches for the 2001 250, please let me know. I only need enough to fill a nail polish bottle!

Thanks for all your responses,

Reel Screamer

HotRod 07-26-2002 07:53 PM


I don’t think Yamaha has made two motors that are exactly the same color. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] O.K. I may be exaggerating slightly but my Yamaha dealer was ordering the paint from Yamaha using my serial number. He said that Yamaha had at least two different shades of color for 2001 but neither one of them were even close.

Like Warthog5 said about the decals, if you need to paint next to them figure on removing them, my dealer tried to tape around the one on top. It was a real cluster mess.


The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli! (George Costanza)

warthog5 07-27-2002 08:47 AM

Remember Yamaha uses a gray METALIC paint. I have never seen a metalic paint that matched! When it is sprayed the metalic has a chance to be even. [Depends on painter] But touch up, it ain't gonn'a happen.

Lead_Head 11-19-2003 10:20 AM

What HotRod said.

If you have the gun and ability, your local PPG Pro store will match so close you can't even tell yourself.

maxlor1 11-20-2003 09:23 AM

Call Colorrite Paint @ 800-736-798. They mfg.
most of the Yamaha touchup paint.

ABoater 11-20-2003 11:36 AM

When I purchased my 2003 Scout/Yamaha the dealer gave me a touch-up paint kit for the motor. It is made by Color Rite. There is a part number typed on a label that says "Yamaha 5547 4D, DK Bluish Gray Met 2". And the other one is marked "TFCC Clear". They both look like marker pens, one having the color and the other being clear coat. I have used them a couple of times on the lower unit for nicks and it matches nicely. The most important part is that it protects the metal from direct exposure to the elements.

Bruce B

Blue C's 11-20-2003 12:14 PM

Man I wish I could help, but I do know it can be matched and blended. The marina where I keep my boat, scratched(actually gouged) my '02 F225 cowling. After the second time they gouged it, I requested, very calmly I might add, that they repair it. The individual they use to do gelcoat, fiberglass and paint repairs is incredible! The repair is so perfect, I cannot find where it was! I too am very "anal" about the condition/cleanliness of my boat so I was totally prepared to see a half-assed job since I did not do it myself.

It can be done and an auto paint shop is not a bad idea. Check and see if a local marina has a guy like my marina does, someone that does it for a living.

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